Welcome one, welcome all!


(picture from WeHeartIt) 


Hello my beauties!

Welcome to the very first post on my very own website! I have been wracking my brain on what my first post should be, and then it hit me. The most obvious answer really, an introduction of myself and what this blog is actually going to be about (so hopefully you stick around to see it flourish).

First of all I would like to thank you for being here, I know there are much more interesting things on the interweb. But alas, you are here and I am her writing this in hopes at least one person will read this.

I am obsessed with all things beauty, from makeup to skincare, I’ve most likely spent money I don’t have on it. But if you’re here, Im guessing you have the same “problem”.I am always buying makeup either in stores or online (mainly online because lets be real Im lazy af). I am obsessed with some YouTubes to the extent that I talk about them to friends and family like we are actual best friends. 

This blog is meant to serve as a creative outlet for myself and help others along the way. Wether that be by reading reviews on products, getting inspired by different makeup or outfit looks, or just reading a post or two about better self worth and your mental health. Beauty is as much to do with your inside as it does on the outside.

So, I hope to see you soon babes. Have a lovely day!



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