Boxy Charm”Cutie Pie” / July 2017


Hey beauties!

Todays post I’ll be breaking down what I received in my July Boxy Charm, and I have to say Im SUPER excited to test out this months box!

I have been around the block of subscription boxes, my first one being Birtchbox, a box of 5 mini beauty products. This box is good for beginners but I don’t like having minis everywhere, and if I really fell in love with the product I’d be too lazy to go out and buy it/too broke. Next was Ipsy bag, every month you receive a cute little makeup bag with mini products that all fit inside. I only purchased this once because I was no impressed by the products and yet again I don’t like mini products. Las winter I caved into the FabFitFun box, I did not like this box what so ever. I saw posts of the Fall box and it looked so good but mine was filled with only 1-2 items I actually liked and it was hella expensive. Now that its the summer the box looks good again, does this happen to anyone else? The FOMO is real.

Not having much luck in the past with makeup boxes I was still open to trying another, thanks to Kathleen Lights YouTube videos showing the box every month. This box comes with 5 FULL SIZED products from awesome brands. I subscribed to BoxyCharm a few months back with the intention to make videos on them, but if you read my intro you know how that experience ended (it lead me here). The last 2 boxes I have received some pretty sweet products, and some I know I won’t use and can give to some friends, but I love getting this box in the mail every month.


Each box is themed every month, July being “Cutie Pie”. How adorable is that?

Here is a break down of each product received this month and priced in Canadian dollars as I am Canadian (I just used Google to see the US to CAD).

  1. Project Beauty – Spray. Set. Go. Makeup Setting Spray ($40.62 CAD)
  • I recommend not testing this out on the face for the first few pumps, or you’ll get a straight spray in your face and ruin your makeup!


2. Blinc – Electric Eyes Pallete ($57.12 CAD)

  • These shadows are CRAZY pigmented and such a gorgeous colour range (a matte would be nice to have but I’ll get over it)


3. WinkyLux – Uni – Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($15.23 CAD)

  • The packaging on this is everything! I don’t think this product will work on the fair eyebrow girls out there though, its a bit intense in my opinion!


4. BareMinerals – Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo ($40.62 CAD)

  • These powders look so pretty on and off the face (aka I just like looking at them in the packaging)


5. Colour Pop – Ultra Satin Lip (Hello Kitty Collection) in the shade Lock Diary ($7.62 CAD)

  • This shade is puuuuurfect for summer, so bold and pretty. The Ultra Satin hippies are my fav formula from Colour Pop, they feel so light and creamy on the lips, and the lid has Hello Kitty bows all around it (it’s safe to say this is my favourite product this month).



So there it is, the Boxy Charm “Cutie Pie” box! Overall this box cost me $34.69 CAD!! I am obsessed with all of these products and I will be continuing to keep up with this subscription, so happy to have found a box that finally works for me! xo





One Reply to “Boxy Charm”Cutie Pie” / July 2017”

  1. That’s so amazing that this box comes with 5 full sized products.. I really want to try out a subscription box but just don’t want ones that are full of sample sizes! I really like the pink shade in particular in the eyeshadow palette and Lock Diary is a beaut shade!


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