Summer Tanning Routine // 2017


Hey loves,

This summer has been crazy weird weather! I so use to having days off and having sunny and hot days at the beach, but since I have to adult now I haven’t had much time to do anything. Even when I do get those glorious days off, it’s been either rainy or cold! Which really put a damper on my goal of getting at least a sun kissed glow this summer.

For those of you who don’t know, I am so pale I turn purple and burn do bad yet never get a tan from it. Alas, I do love the skin Im in but was determined to get some color once and for all. So, my friend and I set out to the cheapest tanning salon that would also work with our crazy work hours.

So for those of you fair skinned beauties who looking to achieve the same goals this summer, just keep reading for my process and a few tips!


  • There are a ton of tanning salons in my city but the one that I chose was GoodLife Fitness, its 24 hours and only $15 CAD a month (whereas others can be up to $100)
  • Now I know tanning beds are horrible for you, but I have to apply and reapply sunscreen and still get burnt, plus working in a factory on shift work does not give you a lot of time to sit outside and tan option to tan for hours on end as I’m either working or sleeping, so I was desperate
  •  Tanning salons have the option of stand up and lay down beds, I perfer lay down as it’s more relaxing but stand up gets way hotter and thus tans you better in a shorter amount of time
  • Because I’m so fair (I’m not kidding, I get jokes thrown at me left right and center about my pastiness) I started out by using the laydown bed for only 4 minutes (I’m now up to 13 minutes YAY)
  • Your wardrobe is completely up to you and what your comfortable with, personally I started out in the bare ass nude because I didn’t want tan lines, now after about two months of going I have changed my mind and decided I want tan lines to see my progress
  • With deciding not to tan in your birthday suite there comes the option of going in a bathing suit or bra and panties (yes I said the word panties) Since deciding I want tan lines, I have chosen to go in a strapless bikini top and cheeky bottoms (I want tan lines but not weird strap ones and at least a little bit of bum lets be real)
  • In the above picture, I have my choice of bikini which is from the website Romwe, super cheap and surprisingly good quality
  • Last but not least, probably the most important part of your tanning experience, the tanning lotion. I did not get this from GoodLife as they only offer 2-3 kinds, none of which would help me look naturally tan as they will get you super dark if used correctly. I was looking for something that would make my milky skin look sunkissed and natural, so I headed to an actual tanning salon and learned about the 2 kinds they offered for such pale skin beauties. I picked the Belle Darling Natural Bronzer lotion, it has a light fruity smell and a little goes a long way (plus the bottle is so cute!). I use this all over my body before I put on the bikini and make sure I use a little on my face and tops of my feet.

*A few quick tips if you do decide to go the tanning bed route, go every other day but if you feel like you’re  getting enough color go every third day but make sure to keep it up or you’ll lose your base. If you feel like your face has gotten enough sun (I love all the freckles I’ve been getting from tanning) try the laydown and only tan your body and leave your face to give it a break, and try to remember to put a  lotion on after you tan, specifically for after tan use or your favorite one just to help moisturize your skin. Lastly, if you happen to find yourself with a bit of time to spare to tan in your backyard, at the beach or wherever, you can use your tanning lotion on top of your sunscreen is amazing to get the coverage you need while getting a nice bronzed look.


That’s it for today babes, happing tanning! xo

One Reply to “Summer Tanning Routine // 2017”

  1. Thanks for sharing these points on tanning! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a tanning bed, love your photography here x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


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