Comparing Yourself


Hey Beauties,

First off let me say, welcome back to my blog! I had such high hopes for me and this blog, but the begining has been kinda rocky. Getting into blogging, you begin to look at other blogs to see what’s out there and get ideas, but then you keep looking and then you find yourself scrutinizing yours and in the end you just feel defeated and put off putting up anything at all. Or is this just me? Plus adding your personal life into the mix? A disaster in the making. Working shift work this summer has been killing me slowly, and adding on some personal drama thats been going on, I haven’t been up for keeping up with my blogging. Blogging is hard with life happening all around it, sometimes I just want to throw the towel in because Im only just starting out so whats the harm? I don’t know how other bloggers do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love other bloggers, I even have my own little Twitter Gal Group I love talking to, but have put that off too because I haven’t know what to say. It got to the point where I was in the mind set of, I wasn’t posting as good of picture quality, Instagram feed, or inspiring words like other bloggers are doing so I should just stop. I kept thinking I wasn’t picture perfect like all of these girls I stalk in the interweb, and I wasn’t as knowledgable on certain things like them. I kept making excuses to not do something for my own blog because I was feeling so insecure with myself and my ability.

I have been keeping quite on my social media because I kept thinking my posts were never going to be perfect. But I have to keep telling myself; Im just starting out! Its hard to not self compare, especially now a days with so many ways to do so online. Obliviously  I’m not going to become famous overnight or start getting PR packages in the mail, I have like 5 posts on here so it needs a lot more time and personal care. But me being the impatient person that I am, I wanted it to start happening right away, and when it wasn’t I got self conscious and started questioning my posts. I needed to step back and realize that I am my own person who’s personality will shine through my posts and thats what will eventually make me stand out one day to someone.

So with all this being said, I have thought of a few tips to help anyone that may be going through the same thing.

Tip 1. Allow yourself a healthy amount of social media, don’t let it dictate your life or appearance. I found myself scrolling through Instagram looking at this girls who approved to have everything, an good for them, but it look my self confidence down  few notches by obsessing over them and that Im not them.

Tip 2. Plan posts ahead of time. I keep a list on my phone of posts I want to work on, a  notebook to write  down ideas of what to say for those posts, and there are apps to help you schedule your Twitter posts, if you keep yourself organized and motivated it will help big time!

Tip 3. Stay in touch with the people who inspire you, in the blogger world or in your personal life. I have a true connection with a group of girls on Twitter who I feel I can be completely myself with and get blogging advice from, but I also love asking for opinions from my friends or boyfriend even though he has no idea what Im talking about most of the time. The blogging community is such an inspiring and positive experience if you find the right crowd, being able to support each other is what counts, we are all trying to achieve the same goal so just spread and receive the love!

Tip 4. Learn along the way and enjoy the journey. Always aspire to be the best you that you can be. I certainly don’t know everything there is about the blogging world, or even about myself yet, but with each day I find it a bit easier to navigate with help from fellow bloggers or by figuring it out on my own. Keep the passion alive and don’t ever doubt yourself or why you started.


I hope to be seeing you guys soon, I have a lot of posts planned in my head so Im hoping the burst of inspiration will last!

See you soon, xo


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