New Years Resolutions // 2018


Hello lovelies!

Its been a while since I wrote a post on here! I went over to YouTube for a bit, but it’s a lot of work (I am the laziest person I know) and I missed writing down my thoughts and just the blog atmosphere in general. So here I am! Did you miss me?!

Well 2017 has been quite the year hasn’t it?? I don’t know about you but I’m ready to welcome 2018 with a huge hug (silently praying it’s a good year). I entered into 2017 at a Buck n’ Doe (a party to help raise money for weddings) in my hometown with my boyfriend of 3 years. I’ll be ending it, single drinking wine from the bottle with my best friend, in my new apartment that we will be sharing. A lot has changed for me in 2017, it wasn’t all bad though; I adopted a little fur baby, I started this blog and a YouTube channel, and I lived on my own for the vey first time this learning how to cook more than cereal for dinner.

Down below are five New Years Resolutions I hope to keep up with for the new year ahead of us. I’m ready to make 2018 my bitch.


Join a gym / yoga class.

This is the most basic resolution that everyone says and then never actually accomplishes. BUT never-less I am determined to start a fitness routine that fits my lazy lifestyle (not having to go far form my house to get there so I’m more inclined to get up and go). Working out is supposed to help with your mental state (something which I need much help with) as it boosts endorphins, plus if I end up with a JLO booty thats a major plus. Being a broke student means I’ll be looking into the cheapest plan possible. Being the shopaholic I am I’ll be buying multiple cute workout outfits to wear because that makes sense financially right?


Graduate college. 

I am in my final year for my program and I am ready to get that diploma and start making money. I have never been book smart but I always manage to pass my classes. This semester has been kicking my butt but the light at the end of the tunnel is too sweet to give up now. I am mainly excited for the cute gradate pictures who am I kidding.


Say yes to opportunities that scare me.

I love planning. I love knowing plans down right to the littlest detail. My head is always thinking one step a head of what I need to be preparing myself for. How many people? What do I wear? Do I need to bring cash in case I get stranded? I get very anxious if I’m told a very vague plan and then the plan ends up being a group of 20 + people that I don’t know, and so I get socially awkward because I didn’t prepaid myself and so on. But this year, to hell with planning. I am going to (try my best) to live in the moment and actually enjoy myself and say yes to plans that would typically scare me and see where it takes me.


Travel to at least one new place.

I love travelling; seeing new places, experiences different cultures, meeting new people, (especially if that somewhere is warm). I don’t have valid passport currently but I know I want to travel somewhere, either with a group of friends or just a trip by myself. I would really life to go on a trip after I graduate to celebrate the last few years I’ve worked my butt off in school. Currently I’m thinking of a beach destination or New York City. Life is too short to not see the world we live in.


Make a life I’m proud of. 

I am from a small town and I typically go back home in the summer to work and be with my family. But this year I am going to start being an adult (casually freaking out inside). I have my kitty, a place of my own, and I buy my own groceries (even if its only KD). I am staying in Toronto this summer for the first time (!!!). I am deathly afraid but also SO excited. I don’t know where I will to end up. Working in the field of my diploma or if I’ll end up in a  completely different realm of work. But it’ll be my life that I built myself and I cant wait to see where I am by the end of this year.

Thanks for reading, xo!

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