Fitness Plan // 2018

Hello my lovely readers!

I have say I have high hopes in all aspects of life for 2018. One of my New Years Resolutions was getting into a fitness routine to help me physically as well as mentally. I severely lack the motivation to go to the gym, or sticking with at home work out videos, so I have come up with a plan to actually help reach my goals. I have broken down my fitness plan into three categories; Nutrition, Physical, and Mental. I strongly believe that if you stick with something it eventually becomes a habit, so why not make good habits that make you look and feel amazing? I plan on slowly, but surely, implementing these steps to achieve my resolution for this year. I’ll be keeping my progress up to date on my instagram page, whether its shameless pre/post workout selfies, or the basic food pictures, so come and join me on this journey! 

I hope everyone is having a kickass year so far, xo 


  • Drink 2L of water everyday 
  • Become vegetarian –> vegan 
  • Meal prep weekly 
  • Limit eating out / ordering in 
  • Cut back on alcohol 



  • Start going for runs –> Getting to 4 X per week –> download app to track progress (Im implementing a cash back reinforcement for myself, for every run I go on I add $5 to buy new workout clothes so I feel more inclined to go) 
  • Go to a yoga class once a week 
  • Get outside at least once everyday (I can hibernate like no ones business) 



  • Read 1 book a month 
  • Meditate everyday –> Headspace app 
  •  Me time once a day –> bubble baths, self pampering, etc 
  • Going to bed at 11pm every night / Waking up at 7-8 am every morning 

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