Current Skincare Routine // Winter 2018

Happy Sunday Loves!

I am lucky enough to say that I have never had problem skin. I was blessed to have clear skin for most of my life exempt for the pesky cyst acne once a month (thanks a lot mother nature). But within the last few months my skin has flared up with crazy acne and dry patches (mainly around my mouth). I have always had a very oily t-zone and not much dryness. This recent flare up could be a mixture of stress and hormones, but I personally think its a mixture of that and a real skincare routine I was lacking. I got a mini box of Origins best sellers and after using that, its when my skin started hating me. The acne is mainly on my cheeks, chin, and jawline with a few sparse ones on my forehead.

So, I did some research on the Sephora site and decided to test out a few products to help my skin. I realize I don’t have a moisturizer in this list, but I am still looking for one that won’t upset my skin again so the research still continues. Since introducing this routine my skin hasn’t been flaring up and the red marks have reduced about 50% within one week.

I know my skin won’t look too bad to most people, but because its my skin I notice the imperfections a lot more. This picture was taken a week after starting my new routine.


Enjoy, xo

Drunk Elephant: Pekee Bar + Juju Bar Duo 

Drunk Elephant is a very pricy brand but this little duo wasn’t too bad so I decided to test these little guys out. I use this every morning as I shower and night before I got to bed, the Juju bar first followed by the Pekee bar.



Origins: Night-A-Mins

This little guy was a part of the Origins bestsellers as mentioned above. I don’t think this product reacted bad with my skin, I think it was more so the ginseng products. I love overnight masks and moisturizers. This smells super refreshing and leaves me skin baby soft in the morning.



Origins: Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask 

This mask was highly rated on the Sephora website and I am in need of a quick result and let me tell you, this delivers. I think using this mask 2 times a week has been the majority of why my skin has stopped flaring up and has decreased in redness. It smells like the Vicks jelly you put on your chest when you are sick, its overwhelming but I find it a bit comforting.



Tarte: Maracuja Oil

I bought this and had no idea what its purpose was, it was an impulse buy okay? But with some experimenting and looking through reviews I founds its purpose. I use this guy on my cheeks and chin where I am experiencing a lot of dark spots and scaring (making sure to stay away from my nose because its already oily enough). I use this after I use the 10 Minute mask if its at night, or just apply it after everything is done before bed if I did the mask during the morning.


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