Product Review // Maybelline


Hello babes!

The drugstore makeup world has seriously stepped their makeup game UP! I have always loved Maybelline products so I was excited to see some new things pop in my local Walmart. Because of my recent skin flare ups I haven’t been wearing makeup. I am slowly getting back into the game and forgot how much fun it was to cake your face!

What are some new drugstore products you have been loving lately?

Enjoy, xo 

Superstay Foundation – 102 Fair Porcelain

I am not one for full coverage foundations, I usually stick to wearing just concealer. But I have been drawn to foundations more recently. I am very pale so its hard finding a good match to my skin-tone when it comes to drugstore makeup. I was shocked I found this shade when I picked this up from Walmart, I had to try it out.

This foundation in high coverage (something Im not use to) but I have to say it does look beautiful on the skin (when primed properly). Since it is full coverage I do feel it a bit more on my face compared to the feel of a  sheer foundation, but its a comfortable feeling. I tend to touch my face a lot throughout the day but with this on I was very aware to not to do that or I’d risk having a streaky face, and no one wants that. I did find it to stay on all day and my oily face did not come through at all. BONUS it has a pump people! This makes my life a whole lot easier so thank you Maybelline. Side note, I forgot it was  a pump (it was early in the morning before my coffee) and I tried to twist off the lid and little plastic things started popping off and flying at me, it wasn’t a good morning.




Total Temptation Mascara – Blackest Black

I am very picky when it comes to my mascaras. I know the ones that I like and I tend to just re-buy them. But I felt like I was in a rut. So after my mascaras dried out, I decided to pick this pink boss up. And let me tell you, I am very happy I did.

This mascara checks off all my boxes when it comes to an amazing product. Not that if affects the quality of the products, but the packaging is super cute. The wand is a thick spool which makes it great for big voluminous lashes. I have lashes for days when I use this product, I feel like I’m wearing fake lashes every time I put it on. There is no fall out by the end of the day and it does not transfer to my lid (which I have a major issue with most times). It is a slightly watery consistent so make sure to apply it carefully and let it dry before you bat those beauties.




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