Current Haircare Routine // Hair Backstory

Happy Tuesday babes!

Todays post I want to share with you my current haircare routine as well as a little history of my hair. I have always struggled with my hair, to using the right products to over washing it, to going back and forth between blond and brunette so many times it should have given me whiplash. My hair type is very fine, oily, flat, and frizzy.

A bit of a back story for you:

I was born a natural blond, but in grade 7 I decided I wanted to be even blonder so I convinced my mom to use a box blond (she has never forgiven me for doing this to the day). Never ever do this. Please, I beg of you. My hair turned yellow. It was not a good look for me. After this fiasco I decided to go to the dark side, so I went to a professional and got my hair died dark brunette. It was my goth phase what are you gunna do? Going into high school I went back blond (to a professional this time). At this time my hair was long, but I was washing it every day (I didn’t know about the wonders of dry shampoo), and was didn’t know how to style it until grade 11. Fast forward to my first year of college I was blond but wanted a change (I was also struggling with sever depression and feeling very homesick) so I went back to brunette again. After a few months I got my hair bleached again to go back to blond, I don’t recommend doing this as my hair turned orange, baby steps are a must from going from dark to light. Going back to my hairstylist she made me look like a silver princess. But because of all the bleaching  had to take a few inches off. Then I went back to brunette (can you tell how indecisive I am?). I have a lot of hair, but it is very thin, so I decided I wanted to add a shit ton of length and thickness so I went to a local girl who had her own business for nano bead hair extensions. I was happy with the results at first, but after about a month my anxiety kicked into full gear and the thought of them made me so on edge that I ripped every single one out of my hair (I strongly do not recommend doing this). I was left with little to no hair, it was thin and wispy, which set me into even more of a depression because at this time in my life I was already very self conscious of my looks. I went back to my hairstylist and got it chopped almost to my ears, which actually suited me I like to think, I felt like a pixie. After growing it out for a little bit I decided I wanted to go back to blond so I went to a newly graduated hair stylist to get a few highlights, but there was a miscommunication of what i wanted and I ended up sitting in the chair for 6 hours with the result of yellow fried hair. It was not the look I was going for obviously so she threw on some dark hair-dye to calm it down (this was also during one of the worst storms of the year so it really wasn’t my day). I was in a really weird hair colour stage for a while before going back to my usual stylist and getting more highlights added. Over the course of the last year or so, I have touched up my roots and added highlights a few more times at different places. My hair is so over processed, and adding in being broke as fuck, I decided it was time to come up with a healthy hair plan. My hair has been through quite the journey, I would love to have long hair again one day, and I don’t see myself going back brunette any time soon.

If you are someone that is blond, or is thinking of becoming blond, I highly suggest having a plan. Know a good hairstylist who knows their shit when it comes to blonds. If you are thinking of switching colours, make sure you want to be that shade for a long time and not switch back within a month, its too hard on your hair (and your bank account). I am also guilty of having my heated tools on a very high setting, damaging my hair even more so beware of how high the temperature is. Also try taking vitamins to help strengthen your hair. I currently take B12 and have taken Sugar Bear Hair vitamins in the past (highly recommend these babies, they are soooooo yummy and actually make a difference in the quality of your hair).




I wash my hair every other day, using dry shampoo on the days I don’t wash it.  I have been using the Garnier Whole Blends shampoo in Honey Treasures, and conditioner in Moroccan Argan and Camellia Oils. I love the idea around the whole blends line and that I can get good quality shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore.


To keep the silver tones in my hair without going to a salon I use purple shampoo once a week, usually on Sundays (something every blond should have in their hair routine). The one I have is from Shoppers Drugmart, Light Blue Shade hydrating shampoo. This is not the best purple shampoo I have sued but I was in a pinch for cash.

I use a deep conditioner at least twice a week, and leave in the normal conditioner for a few minutes in the shower to make it softer. Also stolen from my roommate, the Nelson Beverly Hills hair mask for a little extra help for my damaged strands. I use this after I shampoo and leave it on for as long as I can (I’ll usually wash my face, shave my legs, etc.) This hair mask helps to detangle, controls frizz, events hair colour fading, seals split ends, protects from chlorine and salt water, restores sickness and shine, and enhances hairs natural body. Already I can see results from this mask from only using it a handful of times.


I have tried all kinds of dry shampoo but Batiste is hands down my all time favourite. I tend to lean more towards the Sweetie fragrance (seriously makes my hair smell like candy). I can get away with using this dry shampoo for a few days and my hair is still manageable and not gross feeling at all (you know what Im talking about).

After the shower I use the it 12 in 1 leave in treatment to detangle the hot mess on top of my head (using the Wet Brush for fine hair as well). Once my hair is partially dry I like to give my hair some body with the Aussie headstrong volume mousse (this smells amazing). I also like using this after I have braids in overnight to help the wave stay intact.

After my hair is fully dried and before I use any heating tools if I choose to use them that day, using a dime size of the Garnier Whole Blends leave in conditioner (also stolen from my roommate, sorry girl).  This helps tame the frizz and leaves my hair smelling like coconuts all day, Im obsessed.

I am trying not to use heat on my hair as well as I have a lot of breakage. I air dry as much as possible and either throw it into a low bun for the day or blow-dry it with a brush and braid my bangs back.


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