Drugstore Makeup + Skin Care // First Impressions

Hello my sweet friends! 

I recently found myself in my local drugstore without lacking all self control in the makeup section (surprise, surprise). I have a spending problem, tell me something I don’t know. Makeup and skin care are always items I am looking at, researching, testing out, buying… No matter what it is, I have a weakness for a good sale and the promising look of a new item to add to my collection. The items I did pick up however, I thought would make a prefect post for first impressions. I have to say these products did not disappoint! I feel like I need more drugstore options in my collection but I’m always worried about quality of certain products but the drugstore brands have been picking up their game (and their price, has anyone else noticed? ). So I think I will have to bite the bullet and test the waters out some more. 

Enjoy, xo 




Product #1 – Garnier 3-in-1 Rose Water Moisturizer & Face Mask

Alright, lets start off with the only skin care product I picked up. This is from Garnier’s new Skin Active Line, it is the 3 in 1 Soothing Balm. There are 3 different ones to choose from: Rose Water Soothing, Green Tea Balancing, and Aloe Hydrating.  I chose the Rose Water because it was in a pretty pink tub. And after reading each it felt like the safer bet as my skin has still been acting up I really did not want to make it angry. I was very intrigued by this product in particular because of the 3 in 1. This balm can be used as an everyday skin moisturizer, a night moisturizer, or a 10 minute mask. Recently I was in need of a new night cream because I’m extra AF and need to have one on my face every night or I feel like the dried out Spongebob. It has only been a week since this purchase so I have only used it before going to bed and not during the day or as a mask. BUT I can tell you I am obsessed with how my skin has been looking. I LOVE that this is a Vegan product, has a subtle rose smell, and how luxurious it feels. Because it’s winter over here in Canada, my skin has been super dry and because I get cyst acne that I cant help but to pick at, I get gross flaky spots on my face. Since using this, I have noticed a huge different in how soft my skin in and there are no more gross flaking happening! I am curious to see how it will work as a daytime moisturizer, how well it can sit under makeup, and if using it as a mask actually works and if I will end up buying the matching facial mist… Details will come soon on my Instagram (wink wink, follow me, wink wink).  


Product #2 – Milani Baked Blush Luminoso

I can not tell you how many time I have gone into a drugstore in search of this blush and it was out of stock, OR they had it but I was flat ass broke. I knew I had to have it, it’s every beauty influencers favourite drugstore blush. I grabbed that sucker off the shelf so fast as soon as I realized it was there. I do own another Milani blush and I love it, so I had a sense of what I was getting into. Boy was I wrong. This blush is next level gorgeous. At first there was a bit of excess pickup that I wasn’t expecting from a baked blush, but the way it swatched on my hand? I was in love. It applies to the face so nicely using a gentle hand because it picks up a generous amount on the brush. Although I love it, I think I’ll love it even more in the summer or when I have a fake tan on, its a biiiiiiit too vibrant on my pale ass face (story of my life). But its so gorgeous I want to cover my whole body in its glow. P.S I tried so hard to get a swatch to show its beauty justice but it just wasn’t happening. 

Product #3 – Maybelline Tattoo Studio Eyebrow Gel Soft Brown

I am envious of anyone that has good brows, and that actually know how to make good brows. I half ass mine all the time because I hate doing them so much. Eyebrows are the worst part of my makeup routine, I am not good at them no matter what kind of product I use on them. I want something quick and easy, and something I can actually pull off. I have tried eyebrow pencils, powders, pomades… Nothing was satisfying my eyebrow needs. Until this product caught my eye. One packaged product that did three things all in one? The Makeup Gods were shining their light down on me. This Eyebrow Gel thickens, sculpts, and sets my brows in place all damn day. Initially I thought the applicator was cool and fuzzy looking and the spoolie looked decent enough. the first time I used this product, so much came off on the brush and I panicked a little bit because my brows were covered in gel and I had no idea what I was doing. After wiping off the sides onto the bottle I went back in and distributed it through my brow. I was very worrisome at the beginning stages of testing this out, I thought I wasted my money on yet another failed eyebrow attempt. But after finishing both brows, I ended up kinda falling in love with how full they looked and how easy the second one was to do after testing it out ( I would recommend applying them before your face makeup as some clean up may be required). Something else about this product that I thought that was cool was that it was calming to be a Waterproof gel that can last up to 2 days. I HAD to test that out. I woke up the next morning, without using makeup remover on them, and they looked decent enough to go out and do some errands in my opinion. But, I decided to test it out fully and shower, while washing my face, to see if it was truly waterproof. At least 30% of the product was left on, which isn’t too bad. It was dripping down my face, and I think they would survive brief water contact. Just don’t go expect to go swimming and keep them looking 100%. Ultimately, I had to reapply (this time knowing what to do so it was easier). 

Product #4 – L’Oreal Lash Paradise Blackest Black

So, this isn’t really a first impression product for me as it was in my 2017 Makeup Favourites, which if you haven’t read check it out here. I already knew I loved this mascara, I needed a new tube, and it was on sale. Blessing or a curse? You tell me. When it was first launched a lot of people were looking to this as a dupe for Benefits Better Than Sex mascara, but personally I wouldn’t call it a dupe as this one does a much better job of making my lashes look thicker and more voluminous. I am very picky when it comes to mascaras, I have to have it have a big voluptuous applicator brush, an easy to grip handle, applies super duper black, won’t rub off on my eyelids, and the make my lashes look voluminous but curled at the same time. I know not everyone has the same natural lash length so it won’t work like this for every single human on the planet. But it works for me so I highly recommend giving it a shot. What do you have to loose? Besides your money. 


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