My Current Sephora Wishlist

Hello friends!

Being an unemployed student is not good for the makeup junkie that I am, and constantly browsing on my Sephora app does not help. Sometimes when I get bored or sad that I have no money I just like to look at items on the Sephora app and think of a life where adding them to my basket was an actual possibility (and not just doing it to see how much the total would be). My Loves List is getting a little out of hand if I’m being honest, but I can’t help it! 

Down below I have assembled some pictures I took from the Sephora website, I have dug out my top products I wish to own one day and made sorted them into three categories; skin care, hair care, and makeup. I’m hoping that if I stare at their pictures, and put out into the universe that I want these items, they will eventually become mine. 

What are some products that you have been wanting from Sephora? Do we have some in common? Let me know and we can cry over them together.







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