Bucket List // Toronto

Hello friends!

My time in Toronto is coming to an end very soon. I am in my last three weeks of school and then I start my adventure of being a real adult. I have decided to move back to my home town where I will start looking for a real job (or my blog will take off, then that would be cool too).

I have spent three years in city now and there are still so many things I haven’t done. Down below is a Toronto bucket list that I have put into four categories: Things to do, places to go, where to eat and or have a drink, and places to take bomb ass pictures for Instagram. These are a combination of places I have gone but are worth another trip, things I have wanted to do for quite some time but never gotten around to it, and just by googling things to do in Toronto that intrigued me. Most of the time when tourists come to the city their first stops is the CN Tower. Been there, done that. It’s time to shake things up. Who knows if I’ll actually be able to complete most of these before its time to leave, but making the list was fun in itself (I’m a nerd that way okay?)

Down below you will find a picture of my bucket list as well as a PDF to create your very own Toronto bucket list, or make one completely your own!

Have you been to Toronto? If so, what was your favourite thing to do/see? If not, what is something you would like to try? 


Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 6.50.14 PM

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