Spring Haul // Bluenotes

Hello friends! 

I love shopping. I am constantly going through my wardrobe and getting rid of things to make room for the new. When I shop, I like to go to stores that are good quality but also decently priced. A store that I have always loved is Bluenotes. It’s a Canadian clothing store that sells male and female clothing that ranges from cute and sassy tee’s to flannel to a whole lot of denim (Canadian tuxedo anyone?). I can never leave empty handed when I go to this store, its both a blessing and a curse. 

Recently Bluenotes was having a MAJOR sale. Everything was $10 (CAD) and LOWER. How crazy is that?! Dresses, tee’s, jeans, sweaters, accessories, jackets, everything all $10 or lower. I had to get in on that. Me being me, I am someone who religiously gives away clothes, so I actually have no spring clothes at all. So you could say it was fate really. 

Below are pictures of each piece I grabbed. I absolutely love everything I was able to pick up and wish I could have got more but, the store was pretty picked over and I’m broke. 

What is your favourite  store that is budget friendly? Do you have a favourite piece from this haul? How would you wear it? Let me know!



Jean Jacket (Size Medium)

Because who cant live without one? I love how it’s distressed and a lighter shade of denim. I picture this easily going with a cute casual dress, or a tee and a pair of leggings. Denim jackets are so versatile, as soon as I saw it I had to pick this up. 



Long Cardigan (Size Medium) 

I thought this would be super cute mainly in the winter, but it was on sale so I had to get it anyways. Pair it with a killer pair of jeans, a scarf and some heeled booties, you got yourself the perfect look for errands or a coffee date. 


Salt & Pepper Cardigan (Size Medium)

I mainly stick to black pieces of clothing so I love adding salt and pepper patterns to break up the colour block. Also, you can never have too many cardigans, they are just so easy to work with. I love the little scrunch at the bottom and this card is super soft. 














Floral Romper (Size Medium)

I am OBSESSED with this romper. I love floral prints, rompers, and side sleeves. This was just calling my name. Pair this with some gladiator, a sun hat, and a jean jacket and you’ve got the perfect spring outfit. 



Floral Bodysuite (Size Large)

Bodysuites are just so easy. They go with anything. As mentioned above, my love for floral and side sleeves, I had to pick this up. I got it one size bigger then normal because I find that bodysuits tend to shrink on me (I never mastered the art of laundry) and I don’t like super tight fitted tops. 



Blue Blouse Boyfriend Fit (Size Medium)

This is not something I would normally gravitate towards, but I couldn’t put it down. I saw myself wearing this tied in the front, a cute lace bralette underneath, with some high waisted leggings or ripped jeans and converse. Cute right?





Rose Crop Top ( Size Large) 

I lean towards buying high waisted everything so crop tops are always something I am always buying. Again, I love floral so when I saw this top I grabbed it in a size up because I hate tight shirts and I’m terrible at doing laundry so it’s most likely to shrink anyways. This top with black ripped high waisted jeans, a sick pleather jacket, and a cool pair of sunglasses and you’re feeling like a badass. 



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