So, what happens next?

Hello friends!

Well, I did it! I finished college! I graduated with an Advanced Diploma, I made friends that will last me a lifetime, I gained experience through my student placements, and I lived life in the big city on my own. I’ve accomplished a lot in the last three years and now I’m ready to move onto the next big thing, being a real adult. But why do I feel so uneasy? 

I have only been out of school for less than a week and I feel so much pressure to get my life together as fast as possible. I’m supposed to adjust to all these changes in my life like they are nothing. I moved back to my hometown in with my boyfriend and his family, sent my cat, Marney, to be fostered for a year until we find our own place, applied to jobs left and right, literally have -$0.50 in my bank account, all the while having no car to get to and from places I want/need to go. I have been sleeping in till almost noon everyday, I haven’t been updating my social media, I haven’t been inspired to write blog posts, I haven’t even watched YouTube videos, I feel so overwhelmed and on the verge of depression. So many expectations from everyone who think a college graduate should leave school with a job in their pockets already and money flowing in left, right, and centre. Well I hate to break it to you, thats not how it happens. 

I have applied to jobs within my field, out of my field and have considered unemployment. Mind you it’s been less than a week but I still feel like a failure for not having a solid plan yet. But in my opinion, thats okay. Yes I need money, yes I need a job, but I also need time for myself. Most time grads go on trips to celebrate their accomplishments, and they are not expected to start harassing companies for a job. I just completed three years of gruelling school work so I think I’m a little entitled to not give a shit about anything at least for a week. I give you permission to do so as well.

I have no solid plan yet, but I have an idea of how I want my summer to go. Below is a small to do list of what I want to accomplish in the next few weeks. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and in their own time. Its not like I’m sitting on the sidelines twiddling my thumbs waiting for something great to fall into my lap. I am being proactive by applying  to jobs, but by also taking much deserved time for myself. I think it’s natural to feel unease when you start a brand new chapter in your life, but you should also be very aware of your mental health state as well. Depression is the last thing you want to fall into when this time in your life should be amazing and fun. Enjoy the time you have between transitions, soon you’ll be drowning in work and miss all the free time you once had (something I have to keep reminding myself of) .

What are your plans for summer? Are we in the same boat? 




  • Enjoy the amazing weather we are currently getting, sit outside and catch up on the numerous books on my shelf and work on getting a tan (lol yeah right #paleforever)


  • Get together with friends I haven’t seen in a while because of school (you know who you are)


  • Have a yard sale to get some extra cash and get rid of all the junk we have no room for 


  • Apply to jobs that seem like a good fit for you right now, whether it be serving part time, or going back to factory work, do what feels right to make money to save for important things like a car and paying your bills (and clothes and makeup obv) while also giving you the flexibility to work on your blog 


  • Sign up for the gym (once you get money) and start going to some cool classes, until then start going for walks with the dogs at night 


  • Visit Marney whenever possible and bring something special over for the girl who graciously took her in (seriously I cant thank her enough, if I had the money I’d bring over wine every night)

2 Replies to “So, what happens next?”

  1. Settle down!! Ur doing great! Trust me! Lol
    Life itself is overwhelming and I will tell u girl – it nvr gets easier .. u just face new struggles at all stages of life …
    Like I said ur doing great and give things some time to fall into place ☺ u have learned/accomplished a lot!!
    Reward yourself a little for your accomplishments. . It is well deserved! 😉 u got this!! I love you!!!!

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