Botanical Propaganda Detox Cleanse Whipped Facial Scrub // Review

Hello sweet friends!

I was recently gifted this face scrub from my fabulous mother, as she knows all about my recent troubles I have been having with my skin. Botanical Propaganda has been a game changer since I was introduced to it this past winter with their whipped sugar scrub. I love that this company is Canadian, home made, and all vegan! Each of their products are so aesthetically pleasing, I just want everything.

This facial scrub seemed to be everything my skin needed. Shout to my mamma for getting this little gem for me. You can purchase the Detox and Cleanse Whipped Facial Scrub for $12.00 CAD either online or at one of their shops. I personally can’t wait to visit their St. Jacobs location and take hundreds of pics for my Instagram.

Inside the 4 ounce jar comes a two-sided scrub of, French Green Clay with Charcoal Jojoba Beads and Activated Bamboo Charcoal and ground Pumice, that is used to cleanse and moisturize your skin. If you want to know more specifics I highly suggest taking a peek at their site. Warning, you may fall in love with everything.

My first impressions of this product were very satisfying.

First, the packaging is hella cute.

Second, I like the two different colors in the jar and how they both have their own purpose for your skin.

Third, the texture is a loooooot softer than what it looks like, which was a nice surprise but true to it’s whipped name. 

Fourth, it smells like minty chocolate, I never want to rinse. 

Fifth, it feels very creamy on my skin so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin.

Sixth, my skin does not feel dried out after using it.

I have only used it a couple of times so far (I typically wash my face in the shower every morning). I have a great feeling about this product and can’t wait to see a difference in my skin! 

What skin care products are you loving recently? Let me know if you decide to check out Botanical Propaganda and what you purchase! 







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