How I Edit my Instagram Photos

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Hello dear friends!

I am addicted to Instagram. I love scrolling through to see makeup and fashion posts, get inspiration for my own pictures, stalk celebrities, and to gain more followers so they can one day stalk me as my blog becomes super famous obviously. 

I am by no means professional Instagrammer, my feed isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, I don’t travel, and I don’t have money to try cool makeup or clothing brands. BUT here I am showing you my ways of how a simple just starting out blogger like myself uploads to Instagram. 

It took me a few months to figure out the way I like my pictures to look so my feed looked. I did this by endlessly obsessing over filters, upload times, and somehow organizing what to upload daily. But I am finally happy with my process and think my feed looks pretty damn good, but then again I’m bias. 

I use the app VSCO CAM to put a saved filter on each photo and then take it over to the Facetune app when necessary. I plan out how my pictures will look on the UNUM app just to be sure I like the way it looks. And what stumped my the most was what to upload when to make it look organized yet still like a blogger. 

Close up face shot —> Far away picture, usually an outfit pic —> Product or object pic, usually makeup or flowers 

So there we have it, how an amateur blogger edits and plans her Instagram. I hope you all enjoyed and maybe picked up a few tips! 

Thanks for reading, 



HB1 +12

Exposure +1

Contrast +0.3

Shadows +5

Highlights +2.5

Temperature -1.5

Tint +2

Saturation +0.7

Skin Tone -6



Blur – Face 

Details – Eyes








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