10 Things About Me

Hi friends! 

Todays blog post is short and sweet. I thought this post would be fun to do and a way to get more personal with my readers. I asked a few people for some ideas, but most couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t already obvious or too easy like my hair colour, fav food blah blah blah. The person that gave me most ideas was my previous roommate / one of my best friends from school. I knew I wanted to do this post but was drawing such a blank but she mentioned a few that were just so me. 

Here are 10 things about me, some are just a surface scratch of who I am and others go a lot deeper. I hope you learn something about me or find a common ground we share. If so, let me know in the comments! 


  • Even though I love buying and wearing makeup I have no problem going days on end without touching it. These days are usually due to lack of inspiration, bad skin, being lazy or just actually wanting to be my natural self. Over the last two years I have gained an appreciation for how I look without the use of makeup. I am still self-conscious from time to time, but it used to be much worse.
  • I have daddy issues (who doesn’t?). I have had communication with my father in the past but choose to have none as of now. He is an addict and growing up the way I did, being subjected to substance abuse and dangerous situations I was put in because of him, I have decided I am better off without him in my life. 
  • I have died my hair about ten times going between brunette and different shades of blonde. I just could never decide what suited me best, I finally decided and am sticking to being a blonde. 
  • I have worn glasses since grade three (they were pink Barbie glasses and they were amazing). My mom wanted me to get contacts for my grade eight graduation but, that did not turn out as planned because I was a huge baby about it and could not get them out of my eyeball so that was the end of that. I finally got contacts in grade eleven and have been in love with wearing them ever since. I’m still basically blind as a bat though (seriously, it’s bad).  
  • I eat one thing on my plate at a time. I did not notice this until my roommate pointed it out one night at dinner and then reflected back on my life and realized how true it was. If I have a dinner of meat, veggies, and potatoes, I eat one food group before I start eating the next. Stir fries are a horrible situation for me. Does anyone else do this??
  • I have lived in nine different places between growing up in Woodstock, a year in Hamilton and three years in Toronto. 
  • I have two tattoos and plan on getting a few more. My first tattoo was a best friend tattoo of a pink bow with a girl I grew up with. When I first got the tattoo I was ecstatic about it, but soon after I became very anxious and depressed about getting it. I’m planning on getting a cover up as soon as I get the money. My second tattoo is on my left foot, the word Serendipity. I believe everything happens for a reason so and this word is so beautiful and I never wanted something more. I got this with my mother around my nineteenth birthday, and absolutely love it. 
  • I talk about my favourite YouTubers like I personally know them and we are BFF’s. I religiously watch Kalyn Nicholson, MannyMUA, Jaclyn Hill, CosmoByHaley, and RachhLoves. If they come out with merch, and I’m not a poor person, I’m buying all of it. If they collab with a company, you bet your ass I’m buying it. I literally will talk about one of them to my boyfriend, friend, or mom, and they just know who I’m talking about. So if one of you are reading this, hi best friend! *smiles like a total creep* 
  • I am addicted to lip balm, seriously ask anyone who knows me. I always carry at least two in my purse, one in my nightstand, and probably some more hidden away somewhere else. I’m always on the hunt to buy more, I can never have enough. 

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