Skincare Routine // Summer 2018

Hey Babes!

Welcome to my blog! I have been on a little hiatus lately on my site as well as my Insta. I was all ready to start getting my picture taking butt in gear and post two times a week, but then I just didn’t. I started to question if I should continue here on my website or switch over to make video content on YouTube. A lot of friends and followers said go over to YouTube, and thats what I wanted to do. But here I am, a bit over a month after graduating school and I haven’t even tried to sit down with my camera. Before all this started I actually had 5 blog posts in the works and just completely ditched them because of this whole ordeal in my head around making videos. So, I give to you my summer skincare routine! (I tried working with some props to make my photos look a little more blogger-ish so don’t judge me, Im still fairly new to this)


My nose and forehead get very shiny throughout the day, I have redness from acne, especially cyst acne, scarring from past spots, and blackheads around my nose. Its a common misconception that people with acne don’t wash there face, well hunny I wash mine every morning and night so I know that ‘aint the problem. All of the products I have been using are very gentle on my skin while having the ability to clean and moisturize. (HINT, drink more water and please don’t pick your cyst acne!) 





Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel Creamy

I use this about 4 times a week when I take my morning shower. It’s super lightweight, creamy, and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Plus Marcelle is a drugstore products and cruelty free! 



Botanical Propaganda

Detox Cleanse Facial – 

The other days I don’t use my Marcelle cleanser I am using this little bad boy to exfoliate and detoxify my skin. I have a whole review on this product on my site! (HINT, I loooooove it!) 




Total Effects 7 In One Moisturizer– 

I have the hardest time finding a good moisturizer for my skin type and does what I actually want it to do (hydrate without making my a grease money and won’t cause e to breakout). Because I am very pale I love that this has SPF in it and looks great on my skin with or without makeup. I would be careful around the nose area if your prone to getting oily. 






Skin Active Micellar Water

Because its the summer here in Canada I tend to stay away from a full face of makeup. This guy is amazing to just cleanse my skin quickly before bed or just run over after washing my makeup off. 



Urban Decay

-Meltdown Makeup Remover- 

I have had this since last summer and I am only coming close to using it up now! But I love this product, it does so well at removing all my makeup and its so simple, and kinda fun, to use. 




Skin Active Soothing Balm

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this product to everyone (Check out my review Drugstore Makeup + Skin Care First Impressions). This can be used in the morning, at night, or as a mask. I like using it at night as I use my Olay in the morning. I take about a dime size amount and smear it all over my face and go to bed feeling luxurious and wake up having the softest skin.


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