Florida Trip // 2018

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve wrote anything BUT check one off the New Years Bucket List lists ladies and gents! A few weeks ago I went on vacation to Florida with my parents and boyfriend. I haven’t gone anywhere in such a long time plus it was the first time I ever travelled with my mother and step dad so it was kinda a big deal of a trip. I got a slight tan and ate my weight in fish and got to bask in the sun by the pool all day. It was much needed to say the least. After the week was over I started a new job and moved again with my boyfriend, so it’s been crazy. I decided to film small intervals of the trip instead of pictures (a decision I slightly regret). 

Down below I have rated all the places we visited along with my video (that I tried my best to make). 




This place is the cutest. It’s a family run pecan shop that also sells peaches, ice cream, and little knickknacks. We got full eating all the free samples but also picked up a thing of sweet heat pecans and some home grown peaches. 


When in the states it’s hard to not see a Cracker Barrel sign (seriously they were everywhere), so we just had to go. The sweet tea and corn bread are to die for. 


My boyfriend is a huge baseball fan and recently started his new dream of going to every stadium there is. This one was a lot different from the Rogers Centre in Toronto but it had a sick stingray tank.


Classic beach and right near John’s Pass. Need I say more?


This is a super cool boardwalk that has some pretty cute shops and restaurants all right near the water. The only downside is that all the shops and kinda pricey.


Eating lunch right on the water while looking out for dolphins was an experience I will never forget. Again, a little pricey and the food was okay but the pina colada was absolutely the best one I have ever had. 


Even if you haven’t seen the movie Dolphin Tale you need to check this place out (my parents had no clue about the movie but they were immediately fascinated with the whole facility and their animals). If you know me, you’d know I am extremely against anything like Seaworld and Marineland (thanks to the documentary Blackfish) but this place has a moto of rescue, rehabilitate and release and I can’t get behind that more. 


Early. Bird. Special. Seriously. This restaurant is incredible! It’s right on the water to look for dolphins plus the food, the food, there are no words to express how delicious everything is. If you go for for the early bird dinner you get a 3 course meal for under $20 USD. Seriously, if you are near this resultant you need to go and experience it for yourself. 




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