Another Sephora Haul // First Impressions

Having the Sephora app has made my bank account hate me, but it’s just so damn convenient. I use it when I’m bored, need inspiration, see whats new, or just to spontaneously treat myself. But mainly I shop and tell myself it’s okay because I put it on the internet with some pretty pictures, so I feel less guilty. The items I picked out have no theme other than they looked pretty and I needed to have them in my life. So please, enjoy my shopping addiction in picture formation. 






Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Brazilian Crush Body Spray

I purchased the Bum Bum Cream last summer and feel in love. The smell is so delicious, feels amazing on the skin and helps with the look of cellulite. Once I saw it came in a pack with a spray I instantly put it in my shopping cart. The first time I used the Brazilian Crush my boyfriend came home and the first thing he said was, “You smell so good”. Need I say more? 






Watermelon After-Sun Mask

I have yet to use this, I’m saving it for a day where I get some good sun (and hopefully tan). But I thought it was a good idea to try it in the summer and I love watermelon. 




Bust Your Brass Shampoo

I have to admit I did not think the product would be so small, so that was kind of a disappointment (I should learn to read the weight). BUT the packaging is SO friggin cute and after using it once I only needed the smallest amount and it actually made my hair look white. Plus its cruelty free so major win. 


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

My roommate in Toronto had this and I wanted it ever since I used it in a hotel we stayed in (long story). I spray 2-3 times over my pillows before I go to sleep and instantly feel calmer. I have also noticed that I have been waking up less cranky, and thats very unusual for me. So I highly recommend this to anyone who has trouble getting to or staying asleep. 




Sugar Coconut Lip Balm

I absolutely lived for the Caramel Lip Balm from Fresh and thought the coconut would be perfect for the summer time. But I think I’ll be sticking to the caramel next time. I find this to dry out my lips, the smell is hardly there and constantly have to reapply throughout the day. 


Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm

I find it funny that this lip product stood out to me when I have never used the Orgasm blush (I know). But the packing was TO DIE FOR ITS SO CUTE. Honestly I’m afraid to use it because I don’t want to leave finger smudges but the formula is amaz-balls. It give you a “your lips but better” look plus a super hydrating feeling and lasts for a long time (if you don’t eat). 





Fenty Beauty 

Pro Filt’r Primer

This primer was recommended to me by a friend who I sought out for suggestions for primers for my skin type. I have no complaints about this primer what so ever. The packaging is flawless and the price is pretty damn decent for the amount and quality of the product. But seriously, who would ever diss this brand? (A crazy person that’s who)


Perversion Eyeliner 

A restock for me. I have mentioned this primer before and raved about it so when it ran out I only found it logical to add this baby to the shopping cart as well. Don’t judge me. 


Kush Mascara

This product seemed SUPER interesting. The name speaks for itself really. Kush Mascara. Literally has cannabis oil in it. How clever and amazing is that?! I have never tested out anything from Milk Makeup before but I think its safe to say this was a very good first investment. The packaging is heavy duty, big fluffy wand, and doesn’t clump. I did notice however that it did flake a little but during the day but I’m willing to let that slide. 




(After 3 coats of Kush Mascara)




French Press Lip Gloss (Vanilla Latte)

Me and one of my best friend and Toronto roomie decided to get each other grad gifts (how cute are we?). Since when we were living together we drank so much coffee and both loved makeup, especially Bite, this lip seemed like the perfect gift. Although mine came without a few things but whatevs Sephora it’s fine (not really). I love this colour so much and it actually smells like coffee in the tube and on my lips after applied. I now need all of them so thanks a lot Bite. 


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