Birthday Wishlist // 2018

I have always loved my birthday, I don’t think I will ever want to stop celebrating myself even when I’m too old to type. My birthday is August 20th, making me a Leo. This year I will be 22 years-old so naturally I think of the Taylor Swift song. 

Strengths of a Leo: Creativity, passionate, generous, humorous, and optimistic

Weaknesses of a Leo: Stubborn, lazy, possessive, and impatient

Leo’s typically love being in the spotlight, being unapologetically bold and being treated like the Queen/King they are. Leo’s do not like to be ignored, facing difficult reality or being told they can’t do something.

Every year I make lists of gift ideas for my boyfriend and family members as no one ever seems to know what to get me. Obviously you do not need super expensive gifts to show someone you care. Personally I am just as happy with a homemade card and a home made dinner as to getting a eyeshadow pallet. But lets be real, a girl in her twenties likes getting gifts but gifts with a personal meaning.

So, I have created a wishlist to share with all of you to inspire your own wishlist or even share this with your loved ones that can’t seem to think of anything to get you either. Happy birthday my fellow Leo’s!


LUNAR BEAUTY – Life’s A Drag Eyeshadow Pallet
VERA WANG – Princess Purfume
ROOTS – Dark Grey Sweatpants
TARTE – Aspyn Ovard Pallet
MORPHE – Jaclyn Hill Vault Eyeshadow Pallets
INDIGO – Umbra Stowit Jewellery Box
MORPHE – Bretman Rock Babe in Paradise Highlight Pallet

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