Turning 22 // Birthday Gifts

21 was certainly a roller coaster of a year; I started and finished my last year of college, graduated with an advanced diploma,went through a break up with my boyfriend of 3 years and got back together, lived on my own, lived with roommates and moved twice since coming back to Woodstock, adopted a kitty and got her fostered until me and my boyfriend buy a house, got more serious about my blog and my Nana buying me my very own car.

This year I decided to host a party which a few close friends came to, went shopping with my mom and her best friend, and went on a lovely dinner with my boyfriend. I chose my makeup carefully and dressed to impress (which if you follow me on Instagram you would know). It was a magical few days devoted to me and I could not have pictured it any better.

This past year has made me gain a new trust in myself that I never thought I would have.  It’s only been a week since my birthday and I am still unemployed, broke, lazy, and not taking care of my physical or mental health as much I should. This year I want to focus on what makes me a stronger and happier person because Lord knows I am not happy 80% of the time. I want to find a job where I can excel creatively while still work on my site, save money to start paying of my school debts and save for a house, and create new and better quality blog posts. 

Looking back to when I was younger, I thought when I would be 22 I would be married and have at least 1 kiddo running around already. 22 seemed so old and mature. When in reality 22 is still so young and full of possibility, you just need to be able to find out where you want to start. I am hopeful for 22 (and I’m not hopeful about much). 

A big shout out to my amazing boyfriend, his grandparents, my parents and my fabulous friends of for gifting me with such stellar things! I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life so thank  you for spending time and effort into making my birthday so special this year. 
















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