I’m sure all of you are sick of talking and seeing posts about the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault collection, but I don’t care I’m still going to post about it. 

I bought the Vault the day the came out, I was SO excited and love Jaclyn so I buy anything that involves her. For those who don’t know, Jaclyn and Morphe launched the collections weeks before the actual date and the reviews were very negative, resulting in the later launch date. Morphe had claimed that all of the old pallets were scrapped and a whole new batch was 100% better. This however is not the case. 


The collection includes four pallets created with the colours the original Jaclyn Hill pallet did not include. I have been a lover of Jaclyn forever and I did not mind the fact that big influencers like her endorsed Morphe more and more recently. When the launch date was released I was at work but I was lucky enough to get through the site and purchase the Vault. Literally the next day I saw the reviews. The pallets were not impressing anyone and there were rumours that Morphe just reused the old pallets. 

I was instantly full of regret for ordering them before knowing how these new batches would be. But I trusted Jaclyn and Morphe. The Vault came in the day after I ordered it (thank you for making your Canadian site). The packaging was gorgeous and the colours looked very promising in the pan. I did not think that my pallets would be the so called “bad batch”.


As soon as I swatched my heart sank. 

The colours are inconstant. Some are amazing, but mainly they were patchy (especially the Armed & Gorgeous in my opinion). When applied to the eyes they are okaaaaay. I would not day they were the best but they weren’t as bad as the swatches. A few minutes after I finished my makeup my right eye started to feel like something was in it. I ignored it but it continued to water and irritate me. The only new product I used were the eyeshadows. Coincidence? I think not. I have not had a reaction to makeup before so I didn’t think anything of it but once I took off my eye makeup it instantly felt better. 

I emailed Morphe about my experience and my overall disappointment with this collection. I received an email back a few days later and an apology was issued as well as a full refund without having to return them. 


Overall I would give this collection a 4 star out of 10. I think the packaging was gorgeous and I love that there are mirrors on each pallet. I also appreciate the customer service that Morphe provided with my dissatisfaction. The formulas were not what they were promised to be, the swatches were very inconsistent and personally I don’t think there were enough mattes to play around with in each pallet.

I have loved Jaclyn for years and have trusted her opinion on products that I only buy because of her reviews. But, this collection was not what it should or could have been. I don’t know what or where it went wrong but I don’t think that all the negative reviews that are coming in are fake. I really wish I was more impressed. 

What are your thoughts on this collection? Has your opinion of Jaclyn changed since this launch? Let me know! 










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