Slaying the Rest of 2018

Hi Babes, 

There are only a few more months left until it’s the new year, which is crazy! I don’t know about you but I wan’t to make the most of whats left of 2018. In January I did what everyone else does, we make new years resolutions. In the beginning of January I sat down and wrote out five different resolutions I wanted to focus on this year.

Ten months later and it’s now October and I have not checked in at all on those five resolutions. We all do it, make these goals for ourselves, some realistic and some not. January is the month where you feel like you can start fresh and become someone who can accomplish anything. By the time March rolls around we usually loose sight and motivation for these new life changing goals we set for ourselves. I know I did. 

The year always turns crazy and seems unmanageable but that shouldn’t mean you stop trying to accomplish your resolutions, even if it’s just one. Now that the weather is crisp and the leaves are turning colour, I feel inspired to reflect and motivate myself to where I want to be before the year slips away. 


Join a gym / yoga class

I did not join a gym until about two weeks ago when I started to work at one (I attempted to many times but I couldn’t never afford it). Since joining the gym as a staff member I have more of a concept of what I wan’t which is, convenience and total body workouts. One of the programs I over look is the weekly yoga class and I have fallen in love. I have taken some new found moves and new found motivation to do it at home at least once a day, I usually follow along to Yoga with Adrian on YouTube. Since finding a new job that is actually in my field, with conflicting schedules I had to choose and sadly I said goodbye to the gym. But, I am hoping to keep up with my yoga and invest in a gym membership once I start getting constant paycheques.


Graduate college

I DID IT! I am an official graduate of George Brown College with an Advanced Diploma in Behavioural Science Technology. I am the first member of my family to go to college, an advanced diploma none the less, and I graduated on time. My first year I was overcome with my anxiety and depression and getting a horrible kidney infection that took me out for two weeks. The past three years have been very eye opening and something I wouldn’t take back for the world. I made friends that will last a life time, got to experience living with a significant other, alone and with roommates.


Say yes to opportunities that scare me

There haven’t been very many opportunities that stick out for me thus far, the only one that comes to mind is saying yes to getting back together with my ex. It scared me, as it would anyone. You don’t want things to end the same way, and fear that it could be the wrong decision and ultimately just cause more heartbreak. But this decision was the best design I have ever made. Not to get sappy but, I didn’t think I could love this guy anymore than I did before but he has proved me wrong. We still have our ups and downs like any other couple but it’s not scary anymore, it just feels right. 


Travel to at least one new place

I am happy to say I can check this one off the list, if you didn’t see my travel video I made from Florida you can find it here. It was my first and most likely my only trip this year but it was amazing and I am blessed I got to have that adventure alongside my parents and boyfriend. 


Make a life I’m proud of

As of right now, it’s a work in progress. I am not where I thought I would be when I wrote this back in January. I am back living in my hometown, just starting a job in my field since graduating in April, and still struggling heavily with money. I am well on my way but it may take more time than expected, adulting is hard. 


Areas in your life that may need a little more attention:

  • Financial & Budgeting 
  • Exercise & Fitness Routines
  • Mental Health & Self Care
  • Nutrition & Water Intake 
  • Goals & 2018 Resolutions 
  • Relationships –> Focus more on the positives ones than the toxic 


It’s never too late to check-in with your resolutions or yourself, good luck!



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