Fall Bucket List // 2018

Hiya Loves, 

It’s finally that time of the year where the weather gets chillier, the leaves turn colour and it’s acceptable to make everything pumpkin flavoured. It becomes dark out earlier and everything is covered in a golden glow that makes you feel warm on the inside. It’s also the time to bust out your coziest sweaters, dark lipstick, and blanket scarfs because fall fashion is in full effect and I’ve never been happier. 

I want to make the most out of this fall season as everything is crisp and new – It’s the first time not going back to school, I’m living with my boyfriend, I feel better mentally than I have in a long time and I have a job in the field I graduated from. I plan on experiencing as many new and classic autumn traditions as I can. For now I have a list of 15 must do / see bucket list items I want to conqure the fall.


Fall Bucket List 2018

  1. Make a homemade PSL 
  2. Have impromptu fall photo-shoot’s 
  3. Go apple picking 
  4. Bake fall favourites (are you a pumpkin or apple pie kinda gal?)
  5. Go to a haunted theme park or haunted house 
  6. Go on a nature hike 
  7. Carve pumpkins!
  8. Go for a fall drive through the country with the windows down
  9. Be the best dressed at a Halloween Party 
  10. Decorate the front porch/step with fall festivities 
  11. Have a favourite Halloween movie night (Corpse Bride, Coraline, Halloween Town…)
  12. Have a fall picnic in a park full of brightly coloured leaves
  13. Hand out candy to trick or treaters
  14. Sit and read in a café
  15. Fill my camera roll with cute fall outfits


Happy Haunting Kiddies,




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