A Trip to Frankenmuth

Hiya Loves, 

A few weeks ago I took a trip with Spencer and his family to Frankenmuth Michigan. It has always been a dream of his Nannie’s for her family be there and experience the magic of it all, and the chicken dinner. Below I have wrote a few reviews of the places we visited with some pictures to give you the feel of it all. 



If you want a full course meal, free drink tickets, friendly staff, and a decent nights sleep in a hotel this is the place to go. The Drury Inn aesthetic is very rustic chic and makes you feel like you took a little step back in time with the overall build of this hotel. The breakfast was pretty decent for a hotel, and the pool and hot tub were never busy and a nice way to relax after a day of shopping. I just wish the pull out couch was a but more comfy and the drink tickets lasted longer than 7pm. 


BAVARIAN INN ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Frankenmuth is famous for the chicken dinners at the Bavarian Inn, and their competition Zehnders. Personally I would choose this place again in a heart beat because when we walked into Zehnders by accident (we mixed up the place to meet everyone else) and it was crazy. You could hardly take a step in front of you. The Bavarian Inn had no line and the food was amazing. Our family of eleven all shared the chicken dinner and left with fully happy tummies and leftovers that would last us lunch and dinner the next day. 



Our second morning in Frankenmuth, Spencer and I were craving a coffee (the coffee at the Drury was awful, just a quick note). We walked down the main strip and finally found a coffee shop, mind you it was the only coffee shop. Walking into it it seemed clean and trendy with their logo and coffee names but their wall were mainly bare which was disappointing. Spencer has the “French Kiss” and I had the “Mummy Mocha”, on a scale of 1-5 they were about a 3. Although, after a few minutes we realized that there was godly music playing over the radio. Quickly we realized it was not just the music but books and homemade wall art with Bible quotes. I didn’t mind it at all, it was just a bit unexpected. 



One word can describe this perfectly: Heaven. Homemade fudge, taffy and chocolate treats filled the walls. There was even banana taffy being made right in front of us and let me tell you, the smell was drool worthy. This place was perfect for christmas gifts as well wink wink



This was my first time into a shop like this, it was a little overwhelming with all the different products and the different meanings and uses behind each product. But, it was amazing with a capital A. The energy of the store was vibrant and beautiful. Again, perfect for Christmas gifts, wink wink nudge nudge



This place is so big it has it’s own map, and you actually need the map. Everything you need christmas wise is sold here. Bonner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland is the biggest Christmas store in the world! Each item has their own quadrant in the store, trees, lights, sports decorations, animal theme decorations, the list goes on. You instantly feel happy going in here. It was busy when we went in October so I can’t imagine how it would be when December hits. 



To kill some time and to spend a big more money we ended up at the River Place Shops. Sadly the shops weren’t as nice as the outside of the shops were. I found them to be over priced and very touristy. But if you’re into that then I highly recommend it. I did buy a pair of “Snoozies” Slippers with pigs on them and I am so happy I found them.


Overall my time spent in Frankenmuth was amazing, one of the best weekend’s I’ve had in a  long time. Since it’s not too far from where I live I can safely say another fall getaway here is already in the works. 

Have you ever visited Frankenmuth? What time of the year would you rather go?

Drop me a comment down below!


Thank you for reading!


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