Current Empties // Fall 2018

I have been hoarding my empties over the last few months with the intent of making an “empties post”. But I would always put it off for various reasons; the lighting wasn’t good, I’ll wait for more empties, I’m too busy, or the main reason – I’m too lazy and unmotivated. 

Finally inspiration and determination kicked in and I got my butt in gear and snapped some shots while finally freeing up space in my room. I have recently gone cruelty free when buying makeup and am now in the transition of applying that standard to other beauty related products I purchase. 

Below are what products I used up over the last few months and what I thought of them.

Do you like seeing empty reviews? What are some products you keep buying because they are just that good?



I am such a snob when it comes to dry shampoo because I rely on this stuff like crazy. I hate waking up early in the mornings to shower so it really helps me save time, and sleep in a little longer. I have tried maaaany dry shampoos but none have come close to how my hair looks when I use Batiste. You don’t need to use a lot, they smell amazing, and I can get away with using it for two days straight. Other brands have left my hair looking even more greasy then it was before, or had so much powder I looked like I poured flour on my head. I will continue to purchase this brand until I find something else that can beat this magic. 


No matter how much conditioner I use, I always end up with a rats nest coming out of the shower. I have very dry and brittle hair so it’s important to make sure I’m not hacking it off when I’m brushing it out, wet or dry. I bought this because it said it was an 8 in 1 spray and the packaging was pretty and pink. But, I didn’t really find it to make any difference. The smell was nice and it helped detangle a bit but I didn’t notice any of the other 7 qualities it lists. I would not repurchase this spray based on it didn’t amaze me and I would like to try cruelty free options. 



As you can see, this bottle is pretty worn down. I bought this over a year ago and it only ran out a few months ago, mind you I did not use it religiously but I did use it often. First of all I love that Urban Decay is cruelty free and second I love that this is a solid formula making it perfect for traveling (no matter where I go, no matter how safe I place my liquids, they always spill). I don’t think I will repurchase because I have found a new night routine but I do highly recommend this product. 


A cult classic. I bought this a while back when I was in Florida and it only ran out a few months ago, so it lasted a fair bit. I used this every morning after the shower before my moisturizer. It was very refreshing and the smell was nice and subtle, however I did not notice a huge difference in my skin. I liked how it made my skin feel but I think I will be looking into a different toner to help with my oil and large pores.



Another cult classic that I also bought when I was in Florida. I think this was my favourite purchase from that trip. I was so happy to find it at a cheaper price so I could try it out. I. Love. This. Stuff. It has become a major part of my skincare routine, I have already started on my second bottle. I use this after my face wipes and micellar water and let me tell you, it still finds left over gunk in your skin. The product is a miracle worker and I highly suggest this to everyone no matter what skin type. Pixi is an amazing cruelty free brand that has a huge range of skin care and some makeup, plus their packaging is hella cute. 


If you don’t know already, I adore this product and the company. Botanical Propaganda is a Canadian, vegan, and cruelty free bath and body shop that is local to me but they also have an easy to use website. I have a whole post dedicated to it that you can find here. The smell of this is a mint chocolate heaven and the the feeling of is so luxurious. I have missed using this since it ran out so I will be looking into repurchasing or trying something new.


I have lost count of how many bottles I have gone through of this product since it came out on the market. It’s easy to use, it’s perfect for my sensitive skin and it doesn’t break me out. This bottle lasts me a good few months it has become a huge part in my nighttime skincare routine. If I noticed I’m getting low I would pick another one up before tragedy hits. As much as I love this product, I have decided to switch to a cruelty free brand for my micellar water fix. 


Thank you so much for reading! 


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