I could fill a page a mile long with things that I never learned in my high school days, things that I’ve had to learn how to do myself. High school is nothing like the real world and I think that’s the main problem. They teach you all about complicated math equations and call you dumb if you cant figure it out. They tell you the best years of your life are spent here, and maybe thats true because how my adult life is shaping up now are harder than anything I have ever had to endure inside those hallways. 


No one teaches you about the extent of student debt. But we new forced to go to college and or university anyways because it will make you smarter and more equip to handle life. I spent four years in college and all I have to show for it is a piece of paper and over 20 thousand dollars in debt. 

Now I have to start paying back all the money I borrowed to make a better life for myself. It took me six months to get a “real job” and even making more than minimum wage I have a hard time paying everything off. Including: 

Monthly interest rates on my student line of credit



Car payments

Car repairs


Personal care products (shampoo, razors, damn tampons…)

Phone bill

Saving for a house

Everyone tells you what you’re supposed to do in life –> Go to school, graduate, buy a house, get married, have kids, retire. How the hell am I supposed to get any of this done when I can hardly afford to live? I am lucky enough to live rent free for the time being but thats not the case for most. 


Here are some tips for those of you that are just starting out or trying to get your head above water: 

  1. Save, save, save. The biggest regret is not having my own money to put into my schooling. I had a part time job but I never saved a penny. Looking back I wish I had more of an idea what student debt actually looks like and how hard it is to get out of. 
  2. Take a year off.The last year in high school you are pressured hard to go to a college. But most people have absolutely no idea what they want to do and just waste their time and money trying to figure it out. I did. I wish I took the time to realize what I actually wanted for my life. Even having graduating from college I don’t see myself in the field for long. 
  3. Budget your ass off. Take the time and sit down and make a budget, write it, type it, make it fancy, or make it basic. Write down everything you owe, need to buy, and future purchases you want to work for. Stick to this budget like its your holy grail. I like to start with writing out what I’ll be taking home that month, and then subtracting everything else you need to pay for and see what your left with to either spend on fun things or to put towards a bigger purchase. 
  4. Make a dream board. Honestly I can’t tell you how amazing this works. Putting your goals and ambitions up and out where you can see it everyday sneaks into your subconscious and soon enough you’ll see progress in those things. This could be done in a number of ways, printing pictures and making a collage on a frame of sorts, cutting and pasting magazine pics on a bristol board, printing pics and hanging them on a door you always walk by or on a part of a wall, the ideas are endless.
  5. Download Apps. If you’re always on your phone you might as well download a few helpful apps to keep your mind and your money managed. Set up auto pays with any bills through your banks app, and link your debit/credit card to Mint and budget by categories. Downloading all these super easy to use apps have helped destress my money life and settle my mind like crazy!


If you have a topic you’d like to see thoughts, opinions or tips please drop me a comment!

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Thanks for reading loves! 


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