Happy new year babes! 2019 is already giving me major vibes and I am loving it. This year good things will happen I know it, and 2018 will seem just like a bad dream. I am ready to start fresh and get into the swing of things, mentally and physically. Stereotypically I have made some new years resolutions like the blogger I am. But, I don’t want to think of them as resolutions, but more as goals I see myself achieving by the time 2020 is here. It may be a new year but it’s the same me behind the computer screen, typing like a mad women and hoping someone is actually going to read what I post. 

Lets kick this years ass and become the best versions of ourselves!


Get fit and healthy

Lets be realistic, this is everyones main goal whenever January comes rolling around. But, I don’t want to lie to myself this year like I did last year. I know how I handle myself and how I set myself up for failure when it comes to going to the gym. So this year I plan on focusing on managing my health step by step. I’ll be doing this by writing all my goals down and list baby steps to help me maintain the habits. Things I want to focus on are, drinking more water, cutting fast food out of my diet, using the home gym my amazing boyfriend built for us, and mediating once per day. There are tons of people with depression and anxiety that swear sweat eases their daily struggles, so Im hoping these little steps can help me achieve my goal. By the end of the year I was to feel happy in my own skin, something that will be hard, but manageable. 

Pay off half of my debt 

Since graduating in April the clock started to tick on my student loans. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock… Now I have started to pay back my OSAP loan and am having a hard time getting ahead on my bank loan and then life happened and cost me more money than anticipated on things, like my car breaking down. However, I landed my dream job at the end of December and hope to start in two weeks time. Hopefully starting to get a steady paycheque will ease my piggy bank and I can make this goal by next years time. 

Advance my blogging platform

I want to crack down on this bad boy. I have been picking up my camera or opening my laptop to write and… nothing happens. I have been feeling inadequate when it comes to my ability to provide an amazing platform for you all. But that ends now, I have a plan and I feel confident about it (a post detailing it all is soon to come). I want to reach more readers and show off my best creative side and I cant wait to be able to launch my dream for my site into reality. 


Read more books

I love reading. I have loved reading since grade five when my best friend at the time let me borrow her Candy Apple books. Recently I have fallen out of the habit and spend my time with Netflix instead of picking up a good book. I have an account on Goodreads where I can rate and log in all the books I finish. If you are a bookworm like I am, less become friends and challenge each other to stick to our reading goal! I did not reach my goal last year, but this year my goal of reading 2 books a month which seems pretty manageable right now. Wish me luck. 

Keep up with my planner & journaling 

I adore Kalyn Nicholson, some might even say obsessed. One thing I wish I could do is plan like her, its always so aesthetically pleasing and functional. I always intend to start a journal and planner to keep up with it, but then it lays in my drawer for the year and I buy a new one to take its place. But not this year! I have a 2019 planner (I may be investing in a Passion Planner once I get some money because they look amazing and go towards a good cause), I have last years journal with nothing in it and I have new gel pens begging to be used. It’s time to get organized people!



I hope everyone has an amazing year!

What are some of your resolutions or goals you want to accomplish?

Lots of love,



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