Beauty Favourites of 2018

I’m sitting on the couch typing on my laptop while watching Clueless on the tv in front of the fire, and I think how much of mood this is. Cher has always been one of my favourite beauty icons, classy and sassy. A mood I plan on taking into this year. It may not be 2018 anymore but it was the was the year I decided to go cruelty free and I think that’s a statement Cher would be making as well. Some products I used stood out above all others as I used these more often then others. Below are the beauty products I loved in 2018, enjoy!

Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray

A true cult classic. I played around with four different setting sprays this past year and All Nighter works the best for those all nighters. Having a kickass brand like Urban Decay be cruelty free is amazing because their products always steal my heart.

BECCA X Jaclyn Hill – Champagne POP Highlight 

Yet another cult classic. This highlight has been my go to forever because its perfect to wear subtly but also for that blinding shine. I may try to extend my use of highlights but for now this is whats usually on my face.

Colourpop – All Star Primer

I did a Colourpop Haul a few months ago and my first impression of this primer was meh, it was goo but nothing extraordinary. Well, since having used it with different products I have to say Im in love. I use this over my Fenty Beauty primer or even my NXY Angel Veil. If you haven’t tried it, I seriously recommend it for it’s price, cruelty free and how well it wears.

Milk Makeup – Kush Mascara

I have a hard time with mascaras. I have said before I am a huge snob when it coms to mascara. But I think this is my all time favourite, so far. I love the weight of the tube, how bug the spool is and how long it makes me lashes. This was my first Milk purchase but I will be investing in some more products this year.

Pixi by Petra – Glow Tonic

Another cult classic. I picked this badboy up when I went to Florida and I haven’t been able to live without it ever since. This stuff works wonders by bringing all the gunk out from under what regular wash misses. I use the Glow Tonic with my skincare routine every morning and evening.

This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

If you have troubles falling asleep, spray 3-4 times on your pillow and breath in the lavender magic. This stuff is a miracle worker. I have a hard time calming down my mind when I go to bed and having that subtle fragrance helps me slow my breathing and finally fall asleep. Get yourself some beauty sleep girl!

Ariana Grande – Sweet Like Candy Perfume

I. Love. This. Perfume. It smells like candy and I am all about it. Plus it’s Ariana Grande’s perfume and has the cutest little pink ball of fluff. So, enough said. 

Victoria Secret – Dark Flora Body Spray

This scent was sadly discontinued so if you were lucky enough to grab yourself a bottle you know exactly why it’s in my 2018 favs. I use this for daily wear, just a few sprays and I smell like a sexy Victoria Secret model all day. This bottle has lasted me for a bit over a year, but now I’m sad I’ll have to find a replacement.

What was your favourite product in 2018?

Thanks for leading loves!


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