I want to start off saying, I am not a morning  person. I have never really had a routine that has lasted more than two days. I love to sleep and especially if I don’t have anything to do during the day I don’t feel the need to ever leave my bed. But, sleeping too much can cause a lot of problems as well. I felt even more tired throughout the day, I was cranky, unproductive, and most importantly I was feeling even more down about wasting my day it made me want to stay in bed more. It’s really a vicious cycle. 

I recently started a job that forces me to wake up in the morning and I can already tell how much of a difference my body and mind have improved. I wake up using the Phillips Wake Up Light at 6:45 AM every morning Monday – Friday. Having a purpose for the day and a regular schedule of wake time is so important for anyone. 



Once I am up and out of bed I throw on my cozy pink robe and grab my towel to take a shower. I find that taking a shower first thing in the morning helps wake up my body and brain and starts my day off clean. Depending on the day and how tired I am I will wash my hair or just throw it into a bun for dry shampoo. Coming out of the shower I continue with my skin care routine and make my way downstairs to either prep my wet hair or blast it with Batiste. I have also been taking Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails dummies to help heal my damaged hair and brittle nails. Honestly, these taste so good and I have noticed a difference since starting less than a month ago.

Once my body is set I take this time to make a cup of coffee and watch a bit of morning television with the Millie (the finest dog ever). I don’t like eating in the morning but I have noticed if I don’t try and force something down my throat, I am hungrier and crankier by lunch time. My breakfast is usually a banana, muffin, or yogurt to accompany my coffee. 

As I sit and watch the TV filling my veins with the much needed caffeine I think about what I am going to wear for the day. I work in a school setting so a work casual style is the goal, usually just a clean cardigan with black leggings. I don’t usually like to wear makeup on the weekdays to help cut down on time in the morning and my skin clear up (Tip: I like to keep oil absorbing wipes in my bag for half way through the day for a little touch up). 



I make my way downstairs and wake up Spencer, get dressed, grab my bag and phone and head back upstairs. I give myself a good hour and a half to get ready in the mornings, plenty of time to sleep in and plenty of time to make myself feel like a normal human being ready for work. 

Depending on the time I will sit on my phone for a bit to catch up on social media or watch TV. Currently it’s winter here in Canada so most mornings I have been having to leave early to warm up my car and brush/scrape off the snow/ice (something I loath immensely). 

My mornings are pretty standard but it’s a routine that fits my lifestyle and makes me feel like a better functioning human. If I have any advice for someone struggling to find their morning groove, just start a routine that you can stick to and adjust when needed. Ask yourself what your purpose for waking up early will be, and go into it with positive thoughts not thoughts of “I can just sleep in Im not doing anything anyways”.

I am the queen of excuses. Start out at a reasonable time and work your way to get up earlier and earlier each day or week. I totally understand not wanting to wake up earlier than you think you should be, but if you can accomplish more in the few hours your awake you’ll feel a huge sense of satisfaction. Theres also no harm in rewarding yourself with a little cat nap during the day either!


Are you a morning person? Drop me a comment below!

Thanks so much for reading!





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