I am guilty to being addicted to my phone, it’s with me constantly, and the biggest reasons why is the use of all the forms of social media. Now, I do love social media don’t get me wrong. I put a lot of effort into my posts on Instagram and my site and it’s fun and makes me happy. I just didn’t like how I was feeling before I would even start my day.  Until I decided to invent in a Phillips Wake Up Light alarm clock and plugged my phone in across the room. I spend more of my day continuously scrolling through social media, why do I need to start and end my day mindlessly looking at s screen?

If you want to know why you need to stop sleeping with your cell phone, read on:


As soon as I wake up, after hitting snooze multiple times, I scroll endlessly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, anything to give me a reason to stay in bed a little longer. I stay like this until I literally cannot anymore and quickly peck my boyfriend on the forehead and head up to shower. After my shower I lay in bed, scrolling through social media again. 

Before I go to bed I check how my posts are doing on my blog or Instagram, staring at a bright screen seconds before laying my head down for a restless sleep.

I was constantly hitting snooze and being late in the mornings and at night I was wake up every hour and toss and turn until the next morning when it would all happen again.


I wake up to a light that mocks what it’s like to wake up to natural sunlight with the Phillips alarm clock. I hit snooze, 4 minutes, once to help me wake up. In those 4 minutes I cuddle up to my boyfriend and think how my day will go, planting positive affirmations out into the world. The second alarm goes off and I head up for a shower and get ready for the day. If I have a few minutes to spend catching up on social media I will while I’m sitting down with my coffee and the little doggos. 

I plug my phone in across the room and hop into bed. I lay and watch tv with my boyfriend and once we decide to go to sleep I spray a little bit of lavender mist on my pillows and drift to sleep soundly. I don’t wake up more than once in the night and wake up feeling more rested and 100X less grouchy. 


Sleep well my loves,



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