Hello friends! If you didn’t know this about me already, I am as blind as a bat. Seriously, if I didn’t wear glasses or contacts I couldn’t be a functioning human. So this being said, I rely heavily on my ability to see and my preferred way is through contacts. I started wearing contacts around grade 10 when I was cast in a play and I have never looked back. But contacts are expensive especially for a 22-year-old who has no benefits or extra money to spend to pay a hefty chunk at once. Once I heard about the brand Hubble I knew I had to look into it. 

Want to find out if Hubble contact are worth it? Keep reading: 

What are Hubble Contacts?

Hubble contacts are an online business that sends your perception of contacts right to your door. When you sign up you receive 15 days worth for just $1 CAN, and then continuing to a monthly for a payment of $40 CAN. Both the contact lens packs and boxes are 100% recycle and come in super cute pastel colours. 

What am I Spending?

I wear daily contacts and when I get a years worth it costs me about $600 CAN, and keep in mind I don’t have benefits to help cover the cost. But with Hubble with a the monthly payment I only pay $480. That’s a different of $120 in my pocket at the end of the year and I don’t have to pony up all of $600 at once. 

How do they feel?

I couldn’t wear them all day like I normally do with my brand name pairs, but I slowly got use to them and now I can wear them from 8 am to 10 pm. These contacts are a bit thicker then I’m use to but they feel comfortable just the same. I can see clearly and can put them in and take them out easily. 

“Nothing is more important to us than the quality and comfort of our contacts.” – Hubble



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