Hello lovely friends! Do you suffer from acne? I have never been one to suffer from acne in general, a few pop up here and there usually around my period but overall I’ve been lucky. Except that I suffer from whats called, cystic acne, at least once a month. Cystic acne is bacteria build up under your skin, instead of on top like a regular zit. They are huge, painful, red, and constantly make your think everyone is staring at the monster on your face. I usually get them around my chin, and when I went to my prom (how tragic was this??) I have 2 on my chin and 1 on my nose. They hurt like hell and if you try and pop it? Good luck. There is nothing to squeeze out of these bad boys, and if you try you’ll end up scarring your face (I have multiple). Nothing feels worse than having this huge red angry thing on your face and you can’t do anything to make it go away. But, there are a few ways to treat it. 

If you want to know how I treat cystic acne, keep reading: 


Because this type of acne forms under the skin, picking and trying to squeeze it will only make it worse. Usually I can feel when they are about to make their ugly appearance and look, but don’t touch. I have a bad habit of this myself but scarring my face was not worth it. The urge to pick goes away when I look at the ones I have tried to take care of in the past. Stop touching it period.


Cystic acne hurts like a b*itch. Even if you don’t touch it you can just feel it pulsating on it’s own. I like to apply an ice pack wrapped in a paper towel and leave it resting on the area for 5 minutes, take it off for 5, and keep repeating until it’s numbed. 


Having a steady skincare routine is major. Using the right products for your skin makes all the difference. It has taken me a long time to find the right combination of products, some gave me acne, some made me a grease monkey, and some made me go even redder in the face. But I finally found products that I love and keeping up with it, I have seen a difference in how frequently I get the cysts and the overall appearance of my skin. 


Cystic acne lives under the skin, you want to flush out the bacteria from your skin and the best way to do that is drinking your daily average of water. Hydrating your skin is essential. I know it’s hard, I hate drinking water, but you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run. 


Give your skin a break. If you absolutely need to, apply a light layer of concealer over the monster and add powder. Caking your face everyday is awful for your skin no matter how well you take it off. It needs to breath especially if its inflamed and you constantly have to touch it when doing and taking off your makeup. 



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