Hola babes! Ever wondered what a 5 star all inclusive resort is like? Me too. I was lucky enough to travel with a group of family friends to the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago. Below I talk about our room, the hotel staff, the pool and beach and what I thought about them. 

Here is what staying at the Grand Bahia Principe was like:



Our room was amazing, it had a king bed and was always clean. Spencer and I were located on the ground floor so our view wasn’t the best, but we luckily we got to see what a real view was thanks to our friends on the third floor. Typically when you travel leaving a tip on the first day rather than the last promotes the cleaning service to give you above and beyond gestures. This was not the case. Nothing special was done and the two who had birthdays in our group did not get their room decorated. We even stored our beers in the drawer so we would have more than 2 in the mini fridge. 

The staff was friendly but could have been more out going with us. I do think the staff need a more standard way of making their drinks. I swear if you went to the pool bar, lobby bar, sport bar, or the buffet the way they make the drinks were ALWAYS different. Once we asked for the drink Aquamarine and I swear we got 4 different drinks each time from the same place, it was crazy.

There was NO entertainment at night. It felt like because it was for adults only, they meant like senior citizens and closed things down before 10 pm. It was beautiful but super lame. Luckily there was a sports bar that had drinks, but there was no food past a certain time making us go to the 24 hour buffet. After going once we decided to go to bed hungry because the food was awful. Cold food and 2-3 options to choose from. 





We spent most of our days soaking up the sun by the gorgeous pool, I wish the pool bar was bigger so we didn’t have to swim up next to cigaret butts left from others but oh well. Going with a group of 21, you would think finding a spot by the pool would be difficult, but luckily we had a gem of a friend that saved us seats every morning so we always had our own spot. The only thing I didn’t really get was why they shut down the pool at 6 pm, just sucks the you have a few drinks and want a nightly dip. 






I myself am not a huge fan of the beach, I don’t like the feeling of being sandy or salty hair. So, we only spent one day here and that was more than enough. It was right next to a buffet and had the cutest palm tree leaf umbrellas. Aquamarine had its own part of the beach but that and the main beach was always packed, and I had my first experience with sand fleas so that was fun. 




Overall I had a blast at the Grand Bahia Aquamarine, I felt safe and welcome by all. I would rate this hotel a 3.5 star instead of a 5 due to the lack of entertainment, messy drink making, but their staff and cleanliness and overall structure of the resort was amazing. 

Where do you stay when you go to the Dominican?

PS stay tuned next thursday for the second part of our stay where I will be going over our excursion and the restaurants at the hotel.



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