Hiya babes! Welcome to part 2 of my Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine where I talk about my experience with the food and excursion. I had such a great time on this trip with such wonderful people. 

Thanks for reading loves!



Considering how many people visit resorts the food is never a high expectation, I mean thats a lot of food to shovel out and half will be thrown in the garbage anyways most likely. But, there were defiantly better then other places to eat while staying here.

The Sports bar was amazing, the atmosphere, the staff, and the chicken wings were on point. The only thing I didn’t like was how late they started serving food and how early they stopped serving. They also hosted a Dominican Party where we drank out of pineapples and coconuts and were surrounded by music and lights, it was magical. 

The buffet had average food. Nothing to rave about but the staff, they were very attentive and sing happy birthday from the bottom of their hearts. 

The restaurants were hard to book at so naturally I was expecting amazing food and atmosphere. Only one our of the four restaurants stood out to me and that was the teppanyaki restaurant. The food was to die for, our cook was hilarious and the fire was incredible. We also made it to a Brazilian, Peruvian, and a steak house. The steak house, M.E.A.T food was bland but they put a lot of detail into our group dinner with customized menus (we all had to eat the same meal which sucked) and the space was gorgeous. 


We were told by our Air Canada rep that the shops “Nicole Boutique” was 100X better than buying something from the resort vendors. It was a 20 minute bus ride to this nice building that seemed very promising. But sadly we weren’t very enthused. Everything was still highly priced and it was all very touristy things. My shopping basket was a coconut, so cute, and ended up buying a ring which I spent all my cash on and turned out it didn’t fit me at all when I got home. UGH. But they were better then being hounded on the resort by the sellers.


To be completely honest, the ATVing was not my cup of tea, I was very grouchy afterwards. It was pouring off and on that day and I did not fully understand what I was in for. My boyfriend is a master prankster and decided to make my side go through all off the puddles, so that did not help my mood as you can imagine. I suggest bringing a change of clothes, wearing sandals, and bringing a plastic bag to protect your own bag. It was a long tour to 2 places where we were expected to buy from the locals and then went to a gorgeous beach. Afterwards, since we booked the 2 for 1 excursion, we were provided lunch which was actually really good. But we were waiting around for over an hour for the bus to bring us to the catamaran which was sooooo boring. 

After another hour plus of waiting we were finally on the catamaran, but before we started the party something terrible happened. Our boat witness a speed boat crash into a man parasailing, we saw the boat bring the man to shore but nobody knew the state of his well being. I hope he is okay now and no life changing damage was done. 

If I had not been drinking I don’t think this trip would have been as fun. The boat was very touristy with the lame snorkelling and party with all the other boats. It would have been so much better if the snorkelling was actually good and we went somewhere where there were no other boats and we got to see more of the island. The drinks were amazing and the staff were so much fun, so all in all I would rate this excursion a 2.5/5 stars. 





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