Happy Tuesday Loves! A few months ago I reached out to a brand I happened to stumble across on Instagram, Canadian Beauty Box, and the accepted my request in hopes to collaborate! I have tried my fair share of beauty boxes in the past and found the items I was receiving were not my cup of tea. 

With Canadian Beauty Box you get a seasonal shipment of a range of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion products all from Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses (woohoo Canadian businesses!). If you chose to try out this box it will cost you $69.96 CAD every season or an annual price of $249.95. If you are not residing in Canada don’t you worry, you can still purchase your box for a small shipping fee.

I was very generously gifted The Summer Box by the team at Canadian Beauty Box, upholding their goals of supporting local Canadian’s. In my case a little Canadian with a blog who loves to review beauty and lifestyle products. So I send a huge shout out to them and endless thanks. 

Below are the products that were included in The Summer Box and their individual retail price. 


“Together their goal is to provide fellow Canadians with homegrown brands and products from coast to coast”


DIONE – Summer Sizzle Eye Shadow $12

A velvety smooth eyeshadow that is the perfect colour to add some demention to your look. 

WEAR YOUR CROWN – Summer Scrunchie $12

Reviving the scrunchie moment this brand has all your scrunchie needs from colour, textures, or patterns whether you wear them in your have or on your write. Plus a portion of the funds go towards GEM (Girls E-Mentorship) to help girls find their inner power and work towards their life goals. 

CLEAN KISS ORGANICS – Natural Deodorant $14 + 15% off coupon 

Made with 100% clean and organic ingredients this deodorant is proven to be extreme heat resistant, your armpits summer best friend. 



KAJIO PERFUMERY – Energizing Essential Oil Roll On $17

Carry this on the go or keep in your bedside table, whenever you need a little mindfulness or pick me up notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and lemon will help you get there. 

SWEET LIVING CO. –  Frankincense Beauty Balm $47

Frankincense is a remarkable rejuvenating and healing property as it helps replace skin cells with new ones. This little wonder can be used on your lips, cheeks and eye area to help improve your skins radiance.



BELLA COPPER – Lava Stone Bracelet $20

This bracelet is not only trendy but also aromatherapeutic, add your favourite essential oil to the pad of the bracelet and enjoy the benefits on the go. 

VPI – Shade In Your Lane Sunglasses $30 + 20% off coupon 

This brand has a goal, supply their customers with the latest trends of eyewear that protects the eyes 100% AND is also affordable. 



“At Canadian Beauty box we are committed and proud to support our fellow Canadian business owners”


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