Happy Friday dolls! I hope everyone had a fabulous week and is ready for the long weekend (Victoria Day Weekend). Spencer and I are going up to a friends cottage for a few days, although its still too cold to swim it should be a good time. I’m a little anxious about it too, I hate being away from everything I need/have at home and don’t sleep well at others places. But seeing friends that we haven’t seen in a while, sitting by a fire and playing card games is a pretty stellar weekend no matter where it is.  

Do you have any plans are your plans, if so what are they?

Anyways, recently I found myself without shoes. I usually shop at places like Arden and Walmart and they always fall apart, surprise, surprise. So, I thought I would treat myself to some decent shoes for once. I don’t get out to the malls often so online shopping is my best friend. When I was looking around the inter web Just Fab came up with an AMAZING deal. Buy your first pair for free and the rest of the basket was 50% off! How could I resist?! 

So I ended up with two pairs of boots and a pair of booties. I ordered all of them in a size 8.5 and they all seem to fit nicely. I do however need to get a pair of insoles as I am on my feet all day for work chasing around kiddos, they aren’t the most comfy. 

Now, I thought I was done when I hit the order button. But Just Fab is a subscription based site, your first order may be a great deal but if you don’t realize, they charge you that monthly fee every month so you can continue to keep access to those amazing deals. I myself am not a huge fan of this so I will be skipping a month or so until I know I want to buy more or just cancel all together because your girl is broke. 

All in all I adore the shoes, the quality is great and they look exactly how they look in the pictures. Shipping was fast and came in a cute little box and pink wrapping paper. The selection is huge but you have to get to them fast if there is a big sale because your size might not be available. 

Anyways enough of my babbling, take a look for yourself. I recently got a tripod for my phone and had a mini photoshoot, so enjoy me having a little too much fun posing for pics in my backyard.











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