Happy Tuesday friends! Todays post is a little long so lets just jump right into it. For those of you who follow me on Insta and have been following my blog, I talk about my personal experience with mental illness. Living with anxiety and depression can be a b*tch. But, it always have to get to your breaking point. Below are 5 different ways to do daily or as often as you need to help mange your anxiety. 




I can’t even count the amount of notebooks, diaries, and cute aesthetic things I buy to “help me write down my feelings”. They always end up unused in my drawer. I have heard that writing can be very therapeutic, especially when you have anxiety. It’s a good way to get it all out of your system. Letting out all that anxiety, anger, sadness or joy that is building up in your head in a healthy way. 

Personally, writing makes me very anxious, so I never stick with it long. I am a perfectionist and when my hand writing is not perfect and it gets me in my own head even more. So if you’re like me you may like typing your thoughts instead. I have a personal document labeled “private” on my laptop for whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with emotions and I just need to type it down. I don’t worry about that I’m talking about, spelling errors, or what time of day it is. If I don’t have my laptop handy I will whip out my phone and open up my notes. And what do you know, it actually helps a ton. 


Just like the Ariana Grande song… Just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’

Honestly being able to control your breath and use it as a skill to help yourself calm down, is SO important. If you can add some meditation in the mix all the better for you.

Sometimes you forget to breath mainly because you forget how to slow your breath on your own and thats okay. This is also where writing things down can come in handy, take notes down in your phone for you to look up to help remind you different tactics.

I like using the 5 -7 method. Breath in for 5 seconds, and our for 7 seconds. Repeat as many times as you need. Do it a few times before you leave your car for work, do it in the bathroom at a party full of people you don’t know, do it before a dinner with your boyfriends family, do it whenever you feel like you need a little extra time for yourself. 


Whether its inner dialogue, a self mantra, or talking out loud can be soothing. Just having that voice in your head telling it’s alright. Positivity coming from yourself can do wonders for your self esteem and mood. 

A few weeks ago Spencer ad I were at our friends cottage for the long weekend and my anxiety was in check; I wasn’t over thinking, I wasn’t keeping to myself, things were good. That is until the cards came out. For those of you who don’t know me, cards and games are be very triggering for me. I hate looking dumb if I don’t know a game or if there is math involved in that game. It’s something I have been working on for years but it still creeps up on me. Once the game started on our last night there, I was confused and totally lost in what to do when and I just shut down. I threw my cards in and told them to count me out, and just sat there. A miserable look on my face (I don’t notice but I have been told thats what I look like), just sitting there not talking or laughing with everyone else. I retreated to my room where I tried to get a hold of one of my friends but she wasn’t answering, all I had was myself in that moment. I laid down on the bed and felt sorry for myself and started to do negative self talk. After the tears were done (nothing wrong with crying it out). But then I sat up and told myself  “It’s okay to not be good at cards Alyssa”, and “You got this”. I also looked myself in the mirror and spoke out loud “I can do this”. I know it sounds super corny but honestly it was exactly what I needed. I went out and finished the night up with friends while they played and I watched and interacted. 


If you’re like me, you don’t go to the gym but always tell yourself tomorrow I will

Days where I haven’t gotten up the nerve to get myself a membership I find myself with excess energy and need to blow off some emotions. So I head downstairs and throw on some yoga or do a HIIT on Youtube. Instantly I feel better and find myself not thinking about whatever it was that was making me get too far in my own head. 

Going for walks is also a huge stress reliever for me, I usually go with Spencer and his dog Mack for a walk around the neighbourhood (again if you follow me on Insta you’d see how cute this pup is). That feeling of accomplishment and movement is the perfect way to settle your anxiety. 

Regular exercise is key when you have anxiety, I highly suggest you keep a routine that is right for you and not just when you need it. Chances are it will benefit you more than you know. Its all about those endorphins yo. 


Take time for yourself. Self care is SO IMPORTANT. Even just 5 minutes a day, or a few times a day will help keep your cool. A few self care activities you can do in 5 minutes or less include: 

Face mask

Paint your nails

Cut/file your nails

Organize your closet

Hair mask

Soak your feet

Stretch your body


Read a chapter

Write in your journal

Organize your purse






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