Okay you guys… I’m sure you all know what had been going down since Jaclyn Hill released her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics. If you haven’t heard all about it, where have you been?? Let me catch you up…

Jaclyn Cosmetics released 20 shades of nude lipsticks on May 30, 2019. I being a fan of hers and liked what I saw in her promo video for them, decided to purchase one. The shade Obsessed was sold out so I got my second choice, Amazeballs.

I paid around $50 CAD for the lipstick and shipping, not cheap my friends. But I really wanted that freaking lipstick. Now, there has been mishaps with previous launches from collaborations with Jaclyn like the Becca eyeshadows and the legionary Vault flop with Morphe. So needless to say I was a bit hesitant to make such a big purchase. But it was her own line and her name is all over the product so naive me thought, she wouldn’t want her name attached to horrible things right?

Well it didn’t turn out that way.

People started to receive their packages the next day, mine took 10 days to get to Canada, but everyone seemed to be loving it. Until the photos started coming out… Finger print, hairs, a weird blotchy spot on the top, balls of an unknown substance inside the lipsticks! A video by @RawbeautyKristi went into depth about her purchase of the entire collection and compared it to the PR package she was sent. And you guysss, it was disturbing.


Jaclyn had released the initial video a few days before launch but there was still a question up in the air, where was all the PR? Usually most beauty addicts like myself rely on the honest opinion of Youtubers and Bloggers on new products to see if it’s worthy. But there was none. Now Jaclyn claimed there was a problem so the PR wasn’t able to come until a few days after the launch but by then everything was sold out so her initial video was the only thing people were going off of. Silly us.

Finally mine had come in the mail and I was a ball of anxiety and excitement.

Was mine going to be fine?

Was it going to be full of little hairs?

I paid good hard earned money on this and I’ll be damned if I don’t get my money back if it’s anything less than perfect. Once I opened it the package was beautiful and exactly what Jaclyn had described it as. I opened the lid and there it was… a smudgy print on the inside near the lipstick, a weird spot on the top and little hairs within the lipstick itself.

So naturally, I took pictures to document it and send to Jaclyn Cosmetics help email before I swatched it. Once swatched I thought the colour was absolutely beautiful but, it did leave a weird scratchy look on the top.

I have yet to actually wear the product on my lips but it felt fine on my arm. Jaclyn has tweeted since this whole catastrophe started and it did nothing to ease the worries of anyone. Now there are claims that burning, sores and illnesses are occurring because of the lipstick. Speculations have been made that the products are old and therefor have gone mouldy. I seriously hope that is not the case but something is defiantly not adding up.

People want answers.

I want answers!

What the hell is happening in the Jaclyn Cosmetics factory?!


I have contacted Jaclyn Cosmetics via email with written and photographic proof, I have yet to hear back from them. I can only imagine how many emails they are to go through. My personal opinion of Jaclyn has been wavering the last few years but this… this really puts the knife right through the back. To have millions of people around the world believe in you and buy products from you, and then something of this magnitude happen without her knowledge?? I call shady. Hopefully Jaclyn was not actually conspiring against us for money or fame, I hope her heart is in the right place. But once she speaks out, I’m not sure if I will beilive her. Will you?



  1. I feel like I don’t trust Jaclyn anymore :/ this like her third issue with the products!! First the Becca, the fault, and now this. I just feel like she may be skipping steps to save a couple coins but it’s just how I feel :/

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