Everywhere you look there is an ad for Fabfitfun; Facebook, instagram, YouTube… There are always famous people opening their box and giving codes out to help you save your money. Most of you roll your eyes and keep scrolling. The rest of us click on it impulsively and whip out our debit/credit cards. The second category of people is the one I have chosen and I am happy I did. I purchased the Fabfitfun summer box with my own, hard earned money, and got a box filled with thing I would never typically buy for myself. It’s like a birthday present you get every season.

I did not sign up for the annual membership however so I was only able to actually pick 3 of my items. I chose the set of 2 silicon wine glasses, Brazilian Bum Bum cream duo and the beach bag.

 Four times a year this box will be delivered to you, filled with goodies from beauty to lifestyle items. Before you sign up you take a personality quiz so the options selected for you fit your lifestyle and preferences more. Every season it totals to $90 CAD including shipping. Pricy but if you really look at the cost per item you save big time.

First impressions of the summer box: OBSESSED. 

I love all of the products and have had a chance to use everything and am instantly happy I purchased this box.



I chose the wine glasses becasue I thought they would be perfect for summer drinks by the pool. They are super cute and won’t break if/when dropped. First impressions: kinda hard to drink out of, still taste the silicon after a few washes in the dishwasher but they are super durable and easy to grab in a pinch.



I chose the beach bag for the very reason if just needing a beach bag. I only have purses and a little backpack and I can never seen to find one that’s cute, durable and decently priced. First impressions: this thing is huge, it will deff fit all your beach needs plus more. The design of it is very pretty and simple, I’m excited to start using it on trips and beach days!


I chose the Bum Bum cream because, well if you’ve tried it you know. It smells like a tropical getaway. Kinda like sun lotion but 100X better. I now own these and the spray so you best believe that I will be drenched in this stuff alllllll summer. First impression: I already knew I loved it and wanted to try it the body wash version too, so if you don’t have this, get it.


The other items came as a standard part of every box, if you are an annual member you can choose more and change colours on select items. Personally I don’t really care enough about all that, I’m quite happy getting to choose a few and then getting surprised by the rest.













8 thoughts on “FAB FIT FUN // SUMMER BOX 2019

  1. I did not think this box was worth $50.00. I cancelled my subscription. I had talked with someone on line but was not really willing to make it better.

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    1. I’m so sorry you did not have a positive experience with the box! Everyone has their own likes and needs plus there are tons of subscription boxes out there for you to try if you wanted to 🙂 xo


  2. I have been a member for over a year….I DIIID NOOT get the beach bag in my box……Now….I. Have seen it in EVERY BOX I have pulled up…JS………

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    1. So sorry to hear that! It was one of the ones I personally chose, if it was not available it could have sold out and not been on option :/ hopefully you can find a beach bag for your summer needs from somewhere else! Xo


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