Hello friends and happy Monday! Todays post is about my first impression of a drugstore cruelty free har care product, Maui Moisture in Hibiscus Water. I find it difficult finding amazing shampoo and conditioners that won’t leave my fine straight hair, greasy or weighed down. I have bleached my hair for almost a decade so adding as much moisture to it as possible with good clean brands is my goal. I decided to try Maui based on their price, packaging and hearing positive reviews about them online. 

Here is my honest opinion of this Maui product: 


First Impression

Maui Moisture has super cute packaging and a decent price for a drugstore product. I did not know before being it that the specific one I bought was truly meant for curly hair as I found out via their instagram description of the product, not their packaging as it says all hair types. So I did not find this product to be very moisturizing for my fine straight hair. A little goes a long way with the shampoo but I did not feel the conditioner work its way through my tangles even with a heap of it in my hair.


I was hoping for ore of a watermelon smell but the flowers are the main scent. It’s a nice light scent while shampooing but I don’t notice any smell after the shower. 


The shampoo is gel like and then conditioner is a cream like feel, I enjoy lathering with the shampoo but the conditioner does nothing for my knots or moisture even after over a weeks use. 


Decent price of $8.99 CAD found at local drugstores.

Cruelty Free



After using this product for three weeks my hair shows no results of being any different then when I first started to use it. I have huge knots to brush out of my hair and when dry my hair feels brittle and rough. Perhaps this shampoo was not best suited for my hair type so I would like to try a different range from them but I would not suggest this to anyone who has the same hair type as myself. 






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