Hello friend and happy Wednesday! I think we can all agree that the world is a scary place most of the time. Often time we focus on the bad and forget to relish in the beauty if it.

The scariest part of the world is that it may not be around to protect us all forever.

Litter is filling our oceans and bees are going extinct. Global warming is real and the sooner people start taking care of the planet we live on, maybe the world will be a little less scary. 


It’s people like Daryn Stafford, a fellow Woodstonian, who start making their mark on the world for the world. Daryn is the founder of “Continuously Better“, an online e-commerce website with varying products that all help our planet.  

I reached out to Daryn when I first saw his website go live and asked him if there was any way I could do a post about him and his new business, and he graciously accepted. Daryn answered a few of my questions to help you, my amazing readers, to get familiar with him and how you can help the world by just switching to eco-friendly products. 

Daryn went above and beyond for me and gave me a code to get all of my readers 5% off their entire order from Continuously Better! 

* Use the code AMBER5 at checkout to receive 5% off *

Below are some of the products I purchased from Continuously Better, let me know how you plan on helping our planet and what products you get with the code AMBER5. Follow Continuously Better on Instagram to keep up to date on new products and any promotions. 

Smart Reusable Eraseable Notebook – $21.99


3 Tier Wheat Stalk Bento Box$15.99


Jade Facial Roller$24.99


“Our mission is to help bring awareness to the damage that is being done to our planet by the use of single-use items and to educate those wishing to learn about environmentally friendly alternatives and their applications.” 

What made you want to start the company?

Well as of right now I am in school for business and I’ve always been environmentally conscious. I’m far from a minimalist or anything like that but I’ve always been aware of my water usage and trying to cut back on waste, stuff like that. My close friends who know my habits bug me as I try to keep my showers under 5 minutes to cut back on the water usage among other things. Anyways, I figured I would incorporate what I am learning in school and apply it to something that I truly care about which is helping protect the environment. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a company?

My advice is to just go for it. Learn your field, hone your skills and work for it. You have the internet at your disposal and can learn so many various skills and useful bits of knowledge that you can apply to whatever it is you want to do. Most people just wait and wait until they feel ready. But you’ll never get to that point as there is so much to learn and everything is constantly changing so you may as well start and learn as you go. Start young because you’ll likely fail and you’ll have more time to recover and try again! A quote I once read said something along the lines of “the master has failed more times than the student has ever tried”. Just go for it. 

Who inspires you the most in the business world? 

I have so much respect for any self-made businessperson. I love rooting for the underdogs and there’s so many people who’ve started from nothing and with their “can-do” attitudes and lots of hard work they achieved their goals. Off the top of my head Gary Vaynerchuk, Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, Warren Buffett, to name a few. These men have all achieved incredible feats and all have amazing success stories. There are so many though!

Where do you hope your company grows towards?

To be honest, wherever it takes me. This was something I decided to do as a side project/hustle. I went into it without any expectations as I truly didn’t have any. Now that the store has launched though I have lots of ideas I’d like to pursue and ultimately just see where I can grow this to. Especially on social media platforms. I only have Instagram currently for Continuously Better but my aim is to build a community of people that are equally concerned about the environment and that have the desire to make things for ourselves and future generations better by learning about our impact and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In regards to the business itself I’d love to collaborate with local vendors and source some eco-friendly cleaning products and self-care items such as soaps, lotions, etc. This is just the beginning though and I truly believe this could lead to something much bigger. I guess time will tell! 🙂 

What are some things that can make an impact that we can do from home?

There is so much that you can do that doesn’t cost a dime or in the long run end up saving you money! You can do things like making your own face masks and scrubs. You can save and reuse various jars from sauces or jams and use these to purchase foods from bulk stores such as oats or teas or whatever you fancy! The last piece of advice I would give is to check your consumption levels. Whether you’re consuming lots of take out, or getting drinks or purchasing new clothes, evaluate your needs and see if you can reduce some of these. If not try to find a eco-friendly alternative. If you want to drink 4 coffees in a day, do it, just switch to a reusable cup. Or if you love shopping, go bargain hunting and purchase used clothes. You’ll save tons of money and it’s better for the environment! 

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