Hello and happy Monday friends! If you are like me then Mondays are an automatic no hair wash day, it’s a dry shampoo kinda day all the way. I don’t care if its second or third day hair, there is no way I am spending extra time washing my hair when I could be spending that time sleeping. If you have been following me on social media you would have seen me rave about Batiste dry shampoo before on Instagram. Batiste is my go to dry shampoo, I have yet to find a drugstore or high end product that won’t make my hair look like a total grease ball. 

Before I jumped on the Fab Fit Fun train, my boyfriends mom received the Tarte Hair Goals dry shampoo in her spring box and she told me I absolutely needed to try it. So naturally, I had to buy it. 

Price: $25 CAD

Feel: A trick I learned was to not over spray your hair, less is more, especially if you don’t want your hair to look like a powdery mess. Once I spray dry shampoo on my roots I rub it in with my fingers to get it all over and settled. The texture of my hair was a weird texture, I instantly thought I made a huge mistake. But once I left it for a few minutes and brushed it in my hair actually looked refreshed and the weird texture was gone!

Results: I fell in love. My hair was full of volume, no weird feeling was left in my roots, and the best part, NO POWDER RESIDUE. This bottle lasted me a good 2-3 weeks of using it almost every other day. I don’t think I will be making it a habit it buy this product based on the price, your girl cant afford $25 every time I need a dry shampoo when my regular one is under $10, but I will deff be putting it on a wish list for the holidays. 

What is your ride or die dry shampoo? How many days do you go in-between hair washes? 








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